DIAL tasks

D. Adams

Here we list some future tasks for DIAL. We would be glad to have help if anyone is interested in working on any of these.

Tasks are color coded by priority:


POOL event collection as a dataset: Implement dataset as a POOL event collection.

Dataset as interface: Modify the dataset system so that users may provide their own definitions for event ID, content ID and dataset ID.


Athena application algorithm: Add an athena algorithm which enables athena to process a DIAL task.


User ID's: Allow ID's of format 0-xxx and reassign when inserting in any catalog.


Publish results: Provide means to move files in result (output dataset) from local disk to public catalog.


Object repository: Implement object repository class, service and client. We might use the same service and client for other data types.


Packaging: Package DIAL to clearly separate out the AJDL, DIAL and ATLAS-specific pieces. Provide non-CMT means to build the first two.

Automate testing of ROOT dictionary: Add test which runs all component tests from inside ROOT.