DIAL requirements

David Adams
August 15, 2002

This document gives requirements forr DIAL (Distributed Interactive Analysis of Large datasets).

The DIAL home page is http://www.usatalas.bnl.gov/~dladams/dial.

A. Use cases

DIAL should be able to satisfy the use cases outlined in the use case document. The following sections expand on these and add some other requirements.

B. Interactivity

B1. Status

DIAL will provide a means to inform users of the status of a request. The status should include the fraaction completed and an estimate of the time remaining.

B2. Response

The above status can be updated at least once per minute.

B3. Partial results

DIAL will return partial results to the user on the same time scale.

B4. Request abort

User is provided with the means to abor a requests.

C. History

C1. Event selection history

The code used to make an event selection can be reused later in another selection. I.e. the selection is persistent and identified.

C2. Dataset selection history

After an event selection is applied to transform one dataset into another, means are provided recover the original dataset and the selection using the new dataset.

D. Result types.

D1. Arbitrary result type.

Users should be able to fill results of arbitrary type (e.g. ROOT TH1) and not just those meeting a predefined interface. This might be accomplished via adapters.