DIAL release 1.30

David Adams

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DIAL 1.30 was released February 14, 2006.
An evolving alpha release (1.21.xx) has been available at BNL since mid September.
There are some updates.

The main distribution is built on RedHat Enterprise 3 and can be used on SL3 and SLC3.

For more information about DIAL, please see the DIAL home page.

The primary user of DIAL is ATLAS distributed analysis.

This release provides support for running analysis and supporting services as well as clients for those services. The clients include a collection of command line tools and a ROOT dictionary that provides direct access to the DIAL classes.

User guide

For instructions on setting up and using DIAL, please see the user guide.

If you have no patience for documentation, see the quick start guide


Deployed and maintained DIAL services are described on the DIAL service page.

Python support

A python interface to DIAL is provided as part of the GANGA project. See the PyDIAL page for links to documentation and demos.
At the time this was written, the interface for DIAL 1.30 was not yet available.

Installating your own release

A distribution kit including both clients and services is available for this release. Follow the instructions on the installation page.

Here is the current binary distribution for this release:
    RHE3, SL3 and SLC3

Building your own release

See the build page for instructions. Here is the package list.

Installing your own service

Instruction for installing a DIAL service at you site may be found here. These need updating.

The code

Here are links to the CVS modules
    dataset packages
    dial packages

LXR [Not working]


Here are WSDL files for the DIAL services:
   unique ID

The DTD files defining the XML schema are
   Dataset DTD

Additional information

Known bugs.
Changes since release 1.20.
Wish list for future releases.


Here are links to notes reporting results from studies performed with this release.
  • Performance measurements for 1.30.00.a01
  • Performance measurements for 1.30.00.a07
  • Comparison of NSF and dCache I/O for analysis