D. Adams

Many of the dataset and DIAL components provide methods to write their data out in XML and corresponding creators to rad them back. The schema for these XML elements serve as a defacto high-level job definition language (JDL). The major components are

  Application - name and version
  Task - list of text files
  Dataset - multiple types
  Result - multiple types
  Job - description of a high-level job including all the above
        plus the current status, sub-jobs, start time, etc.
A DIAL job is defined by an Application, Task and Dataset. The job produces a Result. Local schedulers use the Application data to look up the application which is expected to provide two scripts:
  build_task - Builds the task from a Task.
  run - Processes a job from a Task and Dataset and generates
        a result.
DIAL would like to join with others to define a common high-level JDL along these lines and modify these schema in accordance with that specification.

DIAL proposal for a common high-level JDL

Comments on RDL 0.40

The current DIAL schema are specified in the DTD files dataset.dtd and dial.dtd. Although there is considerable overlap, these are not consistent with the above proposal.

Here are some examples of the XML:

In release 0.60 DIAL uses gsoap to provide a web service interface to a DIAL scheduler. Here is the gsoap definition file and the resulting WSDL