Building DIAL

D. Adams

Here are instructions for building DIAL from its sources. Before embarking on this, consider using the prebuilt distributions available in the distribution area listed in the first step.

1. Obtain and install the latest version of CTG and its dependencies including pkgmgr. For distributions, see the BNL tar area at

For help with CTG, see the CTG user guide.

2. Obtain the list of modules for the desired DIAL release from one of the files dial-VERSION-pkgs at the above distribution area.

3. Create a build directory with the above list in the file ctgpkgs.dat and appropriate configuration in ctgconf. If you wish to use head versions of any modules, remove the colon and version from the entries for those packags in ctgpkgs.dat.

4. Check out the modules with

> ctg_build -u

5. Obtain the list of required external packages with

> ctg_externals
Install and register each package with
> pkgmgr register pkgtag pkgdir
where pkgdir is the name in the above list and pkgdir is the installation directory. Note that in a few cases (notably atlas and LCG products) this is not the top directory of the installation. For clues on the directory, see the CTEST configuration files for the corresponding external module or look at the pkgmgr installation at CERN or BNL.

6. Build, test and install with.

> ctg_build -gdbti