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Linux Farm at BNL

USATLAS Operation Center

Welcome to the USATLAS Operation Center at Brookhaven National Laboratory. We provide support to general USATLAS users who wish to use the computational resources at the BNL facility, USATLAS Tier 2 Facilities, and local BNL USATLAS users. We also provide a documentation site for our Tier 1 and Tier 2 site administrators. We also provide a web sites for various USATLAS related projects in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 sites.

New and Active User Help

Are you a local scientist interested in using our facility? Are you a scientist interested in using our facility by way of the Grid? Are you already an active user, but having system or software problems and need help? Go to User Support.

Tier 1/2 Site Administrator Support

Are you an administrator at a Tier 2 USATLAS site? Go to Site Admin Support.

BNL Site Administrator Documentation (private)

Are you a member of the Brookhaven Computing Facility group and looking for documentation? Go to Brookhaven Admin? .


Information of interest to BNL people on ATLAS. Go to ATLAS at BNL.

Projects and Activities

Are you looking for information about a specific project or ATLAS activity? Go to Projects.

TWiki Information

Are you an administrator or project leader who needs to add or edit information on this site? Please see Main.PublishingAndSecurityDetails#Accounts for more information.

Go to Twiki to learn about Wikis in general and TWiki in particular.

Large Hadron Collider at CERN

Large Hadron Collider at CERN

About This Site

Please note that this site is a content mirror of the BNL US ATLAS TWiki. To edit the content of this page, click the Edit this page button at the top of the page and log in with your US ATLAS computing account name and password.


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