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US ATLAS User Support Center

Welcome to the US ATLAS user support center. We provide support to general US ATLAS users who wish to use BNL facilities, and US ATLAS grid users.

Facilities Support

ATLAS Visitor Information (visas, registration, housing)

GRID guides and tutorials

In the grid user area you will find tutorials on how to get started and how to use grid tools. You will also find information about the grid services BNL and the US ATLAS facility provide. If you are an ATLAS user, you will learn how to run ATLAS jobs on grid-enabled resources distributed at BNL, Tier 2 and other Open Science Grid sites.

BNL non-GRID user guides and tutorials

In the BNL user area you will find tutorials on how to get started and how to use BNL non-grid resources.

Help Desk

Are you having problems? Need help? Find out how to contact facility staff.

US ATLAS Computing Facility Usage Policy

Condor Monitoring and Information (Auth required) BNL US ATLAS Computing Facility has installed Condor (version 6.6.8) on all Linux compute nodes in ACF for use in controlling analysis and reconstruction jobs. This distributed batch queuing system implements sophisticated job scheduling and policy-driven resource allocation control, to ensure optimal performance. It can tolerate failure of any host or group of hosts, it provides job resubmission, checkpointing, job migration and many other features. It can also make use of specific hosts based on a time schedule or on the current load level. Condor has built-in fairshare scheduling, guaranteeing the access to resources for users or groups of users. Here is our usage policy.

System Monitoring

Check the System Monitoring area to see if there might be system-wide network or software problems that may be affecting everyone.

ATLAS Software & Analysis Support

In the ATLAS support area you will find support for physics-specific computing issues.

Analysis Support

In the Analysis Support Area you will find help with analysis issues.

ATLAS Software Support

In the Software Support Area you will find help with physics-specific software.

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About This Site

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