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ATLAS Visitor Information (copy of CERN Visitor Info page )


This is the copy of CERN Visitor Info wiki page for the U.S. ATLAS community

See also LivingAtCERN for more general info about living in the CERN area.

This wiki has been created as a central portal for information useful to external users coming to CERN for either short (few weeks or months) or extended (few years) visits. It written and maintained by *Alexia Malard-Leyval on behalf of U. S. ATLAS., although she is not responsible for any lack of information given here, she will be happy to have your feedback and suggestions.*



Start the Visa process 3 month in advance For the French visa you will have an appointment approximately 10 days after the letter is sent from the ATLAS secretariat to invite you at CERN. For the Swiss visa you don't anymore have to go there, papers will be sent to you by mail after the request.

Make sure you have a room at the CERN Hostel for at least 3 weeks at your arrival (no children accepted under 16).

Desks reservations: CANADIANS : http://www.physics.carleton.ca/atlas/cern_desk/ AMERICANS : Please contact Alexia LEYVAL at CERN

Bike rental reservation at CERN: http://ph-dep.web.cern.ch/ph-dep/Services/SMI/Bikes.html

Books which may help to live here: http://www.survivalbooks.net/product...land-13th-ed./ http://www.knowitall.ch/index.php?op...id=2&Itemid=97


You can't anymore get both Swiss and French visas before arriving so I have to decide where to live in advance, here is a table that can help you in the decision:

Prices comparison between living in Switzerland and in France in a studio of 25sqm

Switzerland CHF Euros per month Rental fees 996 Electricity 49.8 Heating Included 0 Water Included 0 TV tax 19.92 Radio tax 11.62 Living tax 0 Internet 40.67 House insurance 19.09 Health insurance 24.9 TOTAL Switzerland in Euros per month 1162 Rental fees 700 Electricity 20 Heating 35 Water 15 TV tax 10 Garbage tax 8 Living tax 40 Internet 33 House insurance 8 Health insurance 13 TOTAL France in Euros per month 882

You also have to know that it is harder and longer to find a place in Switzerland rather than in France but of course not impossible. It is wise to book a hotel for at least 1 month when you arrive especially if you want to live in Geneva.

Please bring your wedding certificate if you are married and birth certificate of your children + vaccination carnets.

- Visas Procedure for France and Switzerland


Forms to fill in : http://atlassec.web.cern.ch/atlassec/ATLAS_Visa.htm

Scientists coming from the U.S.A. are now advised to ask for a schengen Swiss visa C even if they plan to come for stays between 8 and 90 days, especially if they plan several trips during a 6 months period.

Please check those links :



For France : http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/france/coming-to-france/getting-a-visa/article/foreign-nationals-holding-ordinary (exemption if working permit).

All stays of more than 8 days for those countries will require a French "Protocole d'accueil" Argentina-Australia-Brazil-Canada-Chile-Croatia-Israel-Korea-Mexico-Montenegro-New Zealand-Japan-Serbia-Taipei-Turkey-USA


Further information to reach CERN and other useful info when moving here : http://physics.nyu.edu/~am3/CERNtips.html#intro

To arrive from the airport : http://ph-dep-usersoffice.web.cern.ch/ph-dep-UsersOffice/ForVisitors.html

Swiss buses : http://www.tpg.ch/


Once arriving at CERN, please go to register at User's Office in building 61, R 020, ground floor next to the main restaurant.


For any computing opening account, please contact ATLAS secretariat in building 40-4-D01


Housing can appear to be quite hard and sometimes expensive around Geneva.

When looking for a place here, NEVER send any money in advance to book a place before arriving at CERN.

Contact for any housing help Alexia Leyval located in ATLAS secretariat, building 40, 4th floor Office D 01 : 73449

Renters defense in France : Adil --- Renters defense in Switzerland : Asloca


France : Room to share : around 500 Euros Studio : between 600 and 800 Euros 1 bedroom apartment : between 850 and 1150 Euros 2 bedroom apartment : between 1200 and 1500 Euros 3 bedroom apartment : more than 1500 Euros House with 3 to 4 bedrooms : 1800 - 2200 Euros

Switzerland : Room to share : around 750 CHF Studio : between 900 and 1200 CHF 1 bedroom apartment : between 1300 and 1700 CHF 2 bedroom apartment : between 1800 and 2300 CHF 3 bedroom apartment : more than 3000 CHF House with 3 to 4 bedrooms : 5000 - 8000 CHF

Tel : 00 41 22 767 34 49 // Fax : 00 41 22 767 83 50

You can also have a look on the CERN housing service offers direct from owners in France and in Switzerland

Short term accommodation

NOTICE : It is usually hard to find a furnished short term place either France or Switzerland, reservations have to be done 3 to 4 months in advance.

CERN Hostel


Other hotels in France and Switzerland


Furnished apartments in Switzerland


Special Students accommodation

Long term accommodation

CERN housing services


Private agencies in France


Apartments direct to the owner in France

Contacts for any problems with your landlord in France

Two important points:

The first thing to do when you rent an apartment is to register at the Mairie where you live. You just need to bring your identity card.

The second thing, on the day you get the flat, make pictures of all the rooms (especially walls and everything what seems to be ). Same procedure when you leave. The pictures are proofs in case of a legal action.

More information under https://www.justlanded.com/english/France/France-Guide/Housing-Rentals/Rental-contract&#8203

Web sites for permanent housing in Geneva

http://www.npph.net/immo.html (others)

Apartment direct to the owner in Switzerland and sharing

Cleaning requests for apartment

Both French and Swiss agencies and owners are very careful with the cleaning of their places when people arrive AND leave. Be aware that your security deposit (2 months rental) can be taken if the apartment is not clean enough when you leave it.

Cleaning companies in France Loiseau Cleaning : 06 73 01 81 79 // (the more reliable one, 30 Euros per hour for a departure cleaning, 17 for regular weekly cleaning) Top Services in Segny 36 r Velle 01170 SEGNY .04 50 41 73 79 mobile : .06 86 40 42 70 // AD netoyage in Ornex bat C1 135 r Berges du Lion 01210 ORNEX mobile : .06 26 20 52 66 // France net in Gex 19 chemin Emboussoir 01170 GEX tel-fax : .04 50 41 50 51 // Gex netoyage 14 rue de l'horloge 01170 GEX .04 50 99 05 46 mobile : .06 77 89 70 70 // I sometimes work with a cheap cleaning lady in Ferney, her telephone : 06 32 30 78 95

Cleaning companies in Switzerland Rodriguez, Ricardo, rue de Lyon 8, 1201 Geneve/GE, *022 345 02 37 // Gil Yanez Entreprise de nettoyages, rue Daubin 27, 1203 Geneve/GE, *022 345 08 92 // Da Costa, Manuel, entreprise de nettoyage, rue Voltaire 29, 1201 Geneve/GE,*022 345 90 12


In general, recommendation is to avoid trying to import your proper car from abroad as the procedure is hard and expensive. If you plan to buy a car it is better to take it directly with the plates of the country you live in, France or Switzerland.

Rent a car in Switzerland

At CERN : CERN cars with CERN logo are not any more available unless you sublet one from another group. CERN cars are usually always booked far in advance (3 months), no obligation of full a year rental. Hertz cars are also available at CERN contacting the transport department.

You can also contact http://www.patricklocation.ch/ which is usually cheaper than normal rate (from 540 CHF per month)

Rent or Lease a car in France

Ferney Voltaire : Budget : 04 50 40 67 87, around 650 Euros per month Autohire : 04 50 42 88 41 , 440 Euros per month for more than 3 months St Jean de Gonville : Opel rent : 04 50 56 39 87, 600 Euros per month for more than 6 months. You can also lease a car with Peugeot in Ornex or Renault in cessy (minimum for 24 months, prices between 370 and 500 Euros per month) : contact : Ludovic Noirot l.noirot@groupedg8.fr

Buy a car


To find a second hand car you can check on the CERN market : http://consult.cern.ch/service/news/

Check in Paruvendu.fr for France : http://www.paruvendu.fr/html/bonjour/index.php

Check in GHI.ch for Geneva : http://ghi.ch/live/1/home/

To buy a car, the seller will have to provide you with a technical control if the car is more than 4 years old, With a "certificat de non gage" that you can find here : http://www.votre-carte-grise.com/non-gage-gratuit.php And with a selling certificate in 3 copies : https://www.formulaires.modernisation.gouv.fr/gf/cerfa_13754_02.do?jeton=fQH01QE_LUdGJQE_OmcO_yRz

To immatriculate the car you will have to go to first take an appointment at the sous prefecture in Gex BEFORE going there : http://www.rdv.ain.gouv.fr/ You will need to have a proof of you address and the old grey card (registration card) crossed and signed by the seller + the selling certificate. You will have to pay some registration fees for the new grey card, you can calculate them with this link : http://www.carte-grise.org/calcul_cout_carte_grise.php

Sous prefecture de Gex 26 r Charles Harent 01170 GEX Tel : 04 50 41 51 51


If you plan to bring your car from abroad, do it through CERN moving with a formulaire 3 so you can get green plates. Contact installation.service@cern.ch to do it properly, their telephone is 00 41 22 767 44 93.

You can register the car with green plates only if you have a French card, you can contact installation services in building 33 to have more precise information, or email them : installation.service@cernSPAMNOT.ch.


It is expensive to pass green plates to normal plates, you have to pay some clearing tax 10% of the car value + the VAT of 19.6%.

Driving license

The law recently changed concerning the driving license for "fonctionnaires" CERN fellows with Swiss Carte de legitimation or French titre de sejour special

You are not any more asked to exchange your permit if it is still valid in your original country, you can drive with your foreign permit during the time of your mission (fonctionnaire card)

Here is the Swiss law : http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/fr/home/topics/intorg/un/unge/gepri/manveh/manve6.html

And the French one : http://www.interieur.gouv.fr/A-votre-service/Mes-demarches/Transports/Conduire-dans-un-autre-pays/Conduire-en-France-avec-un-permis-etranger/Echanger-un-permis-de-conduire-non-europeen

Car insurance

In France Please note that insurances for first drivers are very high and nearly impossible if the car is too powerful. If you live in France, you need to take your car insurance in France. You will need to get a 2 year certificate of "good driver" to get cheap prices.

MMA in St Genis : Tel. :, catherine.villeminey@mmaSPAMNOT.fr

Cabinet Stephane Pibouleau in St Genis : 04 50 42 16 32, assurances.pibouleau@wanadooSPAMNOT.fr

MAIF, htttp://maif.fr/ (no local agent): 04 74 22 80 50 (CERN users, even without a certificate of "good driver", get a "bonus-malus" coeficient of 1.00)

In Switzerland: For general information on insurance : http://www.assurance-info.com/
In Geneva: Swisslife - Generalli - Helsanna - you can compare various offers on www.comparis.ch

TCS also offers a travel insurance that included repatriation of cars, emergency medical repatriation and trip cancelation http://www.tcs.ch/main/fr/home.html.


If your car is broken and can't move, first contact your insurance to know if they take in charge the towing to any garage, if not you can get in touch with this garage in vernier where people speak English and prices are very reasonable : http://www.garagepitstop.ch/wp/en/contact-2/contact2/


U.S. and Canadian citizens can only open a bank account at UBS if they live in Switzerland for long term and have gone to the OCP, office cantonal de la population to declare themselves as living in Switzerland, in any cases they will have to go to the main offices of UBS rue du Rhone in Geneva, they can also get in touch with Mr. Mangia at UBS CERN to get more information : 022 783 21 87. It is the same for Postfinance which requires U.S. citizen to live in Switzerland but not Canadian who can live in France and open an account but with 10 CHF fees per month. No security deposit for apartments can be at the postfinance, you have to go to Smartcaution.

For France I advise the LCL, credit Lyonnais in St Genis Pouilly or in Ferney which has special rates with no taxes for coming dollars and a very good offer for students at 1 Euros for the credit card and the account opening for the 1st year.


List of doctors in France and in Switzerland


If you are not covered by your university when you arrive at CERN, 2 solutions :

1) You want to be covered by the CERN insurance UNIQA which cost 600 CHF per month for one person and 1000 for a family, you have to see them in the 30 days of your arrival, they are located close to the post office in the main CERN building.

2) If you live in Switzerland you can also try to get other quotations on www.comparis.ch, but also with those contacts :Usrsula.soltermann@mobiSPAMNOT.ch // selim.kanouni@cssSPAMNOT.ch // pascal.uldry@supraSPAMNOT.ch

3) If you live in France and you are a user you can't have the CMU French coverage, you are a "frontalier", you can subscribe to those insurances : Allianz : basic package from 140 Euros per month for 1 person, coverage in France and in Switzerland, contact :IGOhelpline@allianzworldwidecareSPAMNOT.com Risk : full coverage packages from 250 Euros per month for 1 person, coverage in France and in Switzerland, contact : info@riskSPAMNOT.ch.

Emergencies France

If you have an accident or a health problem AT CERN, please contact immediately the infirmary 73802 or mobile phone 163438, there you will see a doctor and he/she eventually will call an ambulance if necessary.

If you can manage to see a doctor or even have an X-ray on your own, we strongly recommend that you go to France, St Genis Pouilly or also Ferney Voltaire. It will cost you around 50 Euros for leg X-ray and 22 Euros for a visit to the doctor.

The cost in Switzerland is around 300 CHF for both X-ray and doctor visit at the Hospital de la Tour

Be very careful that you may have to pay the total amount of your bill before leaving the Hospital in Switzerland, and the amount can be huge, the only insurance known by hospitals here are CIGNA and BLUE CROSS, for all the rest the patient will have to pay himself and be paid back after by his insurance. For example, for an appendicitis, recently patients were asked to pay over 20 000 dollars before leaving the Hospital ! You must look into travel insurance not only to guarantee entry but also the ability to leave the Hospital.

Useful numbers in France SAMU 15 FIRE 18 POLICE 17

X-ray/SCAN, cabinet de radiologie Musitelli 46 av Republique 01630 SAINT GENIS POUILLY / Tel : 04 50 28 27 27 fax : 04 50 20 69 80

X-ray/SCAN, Cabinet Musitelli 40 av Jura 01210 FERNEY VOLTAIRE / Tel : 04 50 40 51 23 fax : 04 50 40 41 24

All doctors listed by their specialties in Ferney and St Genis are available on http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/trouverlesprofessionnels/index.do

Pharmacies In Ferney Voltaire Rue de la Poterie : 04 50 40 97 44 //// 5 avenue Voltaire : 04 50 40 72 10

Hospitals in France

Hopital Intercommunal Sud Leman a St Julien en Genevois Amedee VIII de Savoie 74164 ST JULIEN EN GENEVOIS Tel : 04 50 49 65 65 / fax : 04 50 49 66 70 Emergencies open 24 hours

Centre Intercommunal Annemasse / Bonneville 64 av Geneve 74130 BONNEVILLE Tel : 04 50 87 47 47 Emergencies open 24 hours

Emergencies Switzerland

Emergency numbers Ambulance 144 Fire 118 Police 117 Poisoning 145

SOS doctor +41-22 748 4950 or +41-22 322 2020

Hopital de la Tour (10 minute walking distance from CERN) emergencies : 022 719 61 11

Medical centers with emergency rooms open 24 hours 21, rue Chantepoulet +41 (0)22/731 2120 1, rue du Jura +41 (0)22/345 4550 17, rue de Carouge +41 (0)22/329 5656 Help for rape victims +41 (0)22 345 2020

You can consult a directory of doctors at: www.amge.ch/amge/modules/xoopsmembers/index.php

Hospitals in Switzerland

HOPITAL CANTONAL 24 rue Micheli-du-Crest, 1205 Geneva Tel. +41-22 372 3311 This is the main hospital in Geneva. It is part of the Hopitaux Universitaires de Geneve (HUG). Web site http://www.hug-ge.ch/www/fr/webhug.nsf

HOPITAL DE LA TOUR 3 avenue J.D. Maillard, 1217 Meyrin Tel. +41 (0)22 719 6111 / Fax +41 (0)22 719 6112 Web site http://www.latour.ch/

Health insurance

People usually choose to go with Unica which is around 460 CHF per month for a 80% of the fees covered, some exceptions. 920 CHF for less exceptions and for the entire family. You have to register in the month of your arrival at UNIQA or they will not accept you.

1) If you live in Switzerland you can also try to get other quotations on www.comparis.ch, there is also a very cheap insurance for foreign students in Switzerland but for 1 year minimum : http://www.tradiconsult.com/?gclid=CNOxms_z0LICFcdY3godUkEA1Q

2) If you live in France you can go to any insurance company in St Genis like MMA or AGF, you can also have a contract with your bank, prices vary from 150 to 250 Euros per month. MMA is starting can also insure students for short term, minimum 3 months.


Health insurance in France

If you live in France, you can also have French insurance which covers you in France and in Switzerland, which can cost between 100 and 250 Euros per month depending on the % of reimbursement you choose.

Azur Assurance in St Genis, they do speaks English : 04 50 28 41 41

Cabinet Stephane Pibouleau in St Genis speaking English as well: 04 50 42 16 32

Health insurance in Switzerland

For general information on insurance http://www.assurance-info.com/

TCS also offers a travel insurance that includes repatriation of cars, emergency medical repatriation and trip cancelation http://www.tcs.ch/main/fr/home.html

If you live in Switzerland, prices will be from 250 to 400 CHF per month if you don't choose the CERN Unica insurance.

Swisslife in Geneva has a good deal for CERN people at around 350 CHF per month, you can contact me for help or directly Miss Cormoreche : Lucile.Cormoreche@swisslifeSPAMNOT.ch

If you live in Switzerland you can also try to get other quotations on www.comparis.ch, there is also a very cheap insurance for foreign students in Switzerland but for 1 year minimum : http://www.tradiconsult.com/?gclid=CNOxms_z0LICFcdY3godUkEA1Q



Any help for any urgent matter can be asked to me or to the social department : Raphaele Obergfell : extension 73867 Pascale Leuzze : extension 74479


Once you are settled in Switzerland you have 14 days to declare yourself at the Office cantonal de la population http://www.ge.ch/etrangers-confederes/fr/sejour/welcome.asp?rubrique=changement-adresse

Working permits for spouses and husband's CERN members http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/topics/intorg/un/unge/gepri/mandir/mandi1.html

Children / leisure's / transports / doctors / sports http://ph-dep.web.cern.ch/ph-dep/UsersOffice/GenevaInfo/Welcome.html

Childcare for short or long term

Second hand shops for furniture, kitchen appliances, clothes, and cheap restaurants

Administrative help for day to day life http://www.chronologica.ch

Associations to protect tenants In Switzerland http://www.asloca.ch

English and French speaking architect tel: (+41) 079 813 51 26. Email: delphine@dmcadesignSPAMNOT.ch

English speaking life coach Nicola Watkins : 079 756 08 08 nicola@watkinsSPAMNOT.ch

Private doctor for Psychological help in English Wellness Counseling Melissa Pollick, 3 avenue Henri-Dunant 3, 1205 Geneva, Tel : 00 41 77 495 61 52


Once you are settled in France you can register at the city hall of your town just going there.

Children / leisure's / transports / doctors / sports

Transport to CERN from France, bus Y timeschedule Horaires bus Y http://www.tpg.ch/horaires/affiches/dec2007/ligne_y/y.pdf

Public Transport to CERN from Geneve, current timeschedule http://www.tpg.ch/index.php/tpg/horaires/horaire_en_cours

Associations to protect tenants In France http://www.adil01.org/nous-contacter/

Very useful book for arriving families "Know it all parents" Geneva and France http://www.knowitall.ch

Small announcements at local newspaper for second hand furniture, cars .... http://www.paruvendu.fr http://www.leboncoin.fr



Reliable moving company when going back to the U.S. Stephanie SANCHEZ PAUSA HARSCH Transports 10, rue Baylon 1227 Carouge - Geneva Switzerland T. +41 22 389 48 09 F. +41 22 300 17 46 Email. stephanie.sanchez@harschSPAMNOT.ch


You have many possibilities now for internet, whether with a telephone line at home and a box, or without line with a 3G key.

In France, you usually need a bank account to get Internet.

I usually advise Orange which is reliable and quick (10 days), I can call them for you. Offers starting at 35 Euros per month.

Links for Internet in France


English-speaking number for France Telecom/Orange: 0800 364 775 (Hours Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00)

Links for Switzerland Same I usually advise Swisscom, they have a special email for foreigners :Relocation.Swiss@swisscomSPAMNOT.com Offers starting at 69 CHF per month.

Computing repair in St Genis Pouilly France, Proxyclic, Florence Moreau, 0033 661 423 474, fmoreau@proxyclicSPAMNOT.fr


You can pay all your invoices at the post office, in France and in Switzerland.

You can also set up an automatic transfer from your bank.


For adults

CERN offers French lessons for users from rank beginners on up. The courses are offered three times per year (but the summer course is for beginners only). The courses fill up, so register early. Contact Nathalie Dumeaux in Human Resources to sign up. The cost (Fall 2007 for 60hrs total) is 780 CHF and the class meets three times/week for two hours.

In addition, Geneva is a very international city and there are many places to take French lessons outside of CERN (Berlitz and Ecole-club Migros, Ipage).

For children

In Ferney Voltaire http://www.thelanguagecenter.fr/




Depending on the city where you live your child will automatically be enrolled for free in the public school of your town when he/she turns 3 during the civil year, all the classes will be in French but there are always some U.S. or British people in the classrooms.

In Ferney Voltaire, the Lycee International has special agreement with CERN, admitting your child automatically in a class, level based on exams to take once you arrive.

In Gex, the private school Jeanne d'Arc is also very good, not very expansive, with a Bi-lingual section from 12 years old.


All the Public Swiss schools are free and will take your children even in the middle of a school year.

General information about schooling in Geneva can be found on the official city website where you will find links to both public and private schools : http://www.cagi.ch/en/Classes_accueil_Geneve.htm

There are also many private schools which are quite expansive in Geneva, most of them allow entry regardless of whether you reside in Switzerland or France.

International School of Geneva has three independent campuses. They will admit your child based on availability of space. It is expensive (as are all the private schools) : http://www.ecolint.ch/ecolint/ch/FR-CH/index.cfm

College du Leman - in Versoix, just outside Geneva toward Lausanne : http://www.cdl.ch/Default.asp?bhcp=1

Geneva English School : http://www.geneva-english-school.ch/

Institut International du Grand Lancy : http://iil.ch/


You have several solutions to look after your young child who still do not go to school, at 3 years old in France and at 4 years old in Switzerland.

1) Whether having a nanny at home, you will find many offers in the various supermarkets of your town for nannies coming to your place.

2) Or bringing your child to the house of an "agreed nanny" (assistante maternelle agree in French), you will find the official list of those ladies at the city hall of your town residence.

If you want to declare the nanny to the government you may have some additional taxes of 80% of the salary so be careful, come to see me before signing any contract for childcare, French citizens have help from the government to pay those taxes but most of the foreigners don't, the only help you have is a Tax refund after 1 year.

The rates per month are between 650 and 850 Euros on an average base for a full time.

3) Bringing your child to a "creche", CERN has one for children starting with 3 month or so. http://kindergarten.web.cern.ch/kindergarten/new_site/francais/garderie%20FR.htm

You can also try 2 international creches in St Genis Pouilly in France or public creches in every town, you must ask the city hall for those, very few places : "le jardin de Zebulon" : http://www.lejardindezebulon.com/ "le Jardin de Capucine" : http://www.lejardindecapucine.com/

Starting from 2 years old your children can go to the private CERN school, starting from 3 years old in the civil year children are entitled to go to the public school in France, it is free you just have to pay for the lunch, times are usually 8h30 till 4h30 PM and no school on Wednesdays afternoon. Public school starts in Switzerland at 4 years old.









Camps where English is spoken http://www.msmcamps.com/ : Multi-Sports Mania - a day camp with a wide variety of activities in different venues. Dropoff/pickup point very convenient to CERN at Meyrin squash club.

http://www.intersoccer.ch/modules/news2/ : Intersoccer - soccer day camps, after school, vacation programs etc. Outdoor locations each side of Geneva

The International School of Geneva has summer day camp programs at two (as of 2007) campuses: http://www.ecolint.ch/ecolint/ch/en-ch/index.cfm?page=/ecolint/home/school_life/summer_programme



Users and Unpaid Associates living in France or Switzerland for more than six months and paid by an institution not established in France should in principle complete a declaration of income form.

You live in France

Income tax

In principle if your owner or rental agency has declared you as living in France, you should receive a tax form to declare your income around April/May of each year. If you have been living in France more than 2 years, and still did not get any tax declaration form, you have to print one on Internet in April and fill it for the end of May. I can help in this.

Users and Unpaid Associates living in France are liable for taxes on the salaries paid by Non French institutions employing them unless if they can prove that they already pay taxes in their country employer. They are therefore required to complete and sign a declaration of income form number 2042 and send it to their local tax office (centre des impots in Bellegarde for 01 department), together with the annual certificate issued by CERN in accordance with Article R IV 2.04 of the Staff Regulations. http://www.mfe.org/index.php/Portails-Pays/Etats-Unis/Fiscalite/Convention-fiscale

There is a special 2 years income tax exemption ONLY for salaries paid by a U.S. institute and ONLY if the scientists know already that they will not stay for more than 2 years at CERN.

The Form to fill in is "Declaration des revenus year ....", form number 2042, you can also declare your income on internet on www.impots.gouv.fr: You can as well come to see me with the form and I will help you fill it.

- In the first page you have to put or check your address, mention any moving in the year, put the date the place and sign. On this first page cross No TV if you have NO TV at home, to avoid having to pay the TV tax with your living tax.

- Second page at the top, cross C if you are bachelor, or M if married, give also the number of children that you have any in F.

- At the bottom of the page in "renseignements complementaires" you must write this phrases: "Membre du personnel du CERN utilisateur, de nationalite ... (nationality), remunere par ... (paid by ... [name and address of employer]. imposable en .... France (for Americans only if you have been here more than 2 years). For Americans only for the first 2 years as you have a tax exemption you can write "Membre du personnel du CERN, utilisateur de nationalite .... (nationality), assujetti a l'impot interne du CERN", and cross 8FV on the last page of the form.

- You should also attach to the declaration the annual Tax certificate issued by CERN in accordance with Article R IV 2.04 of the Staff Regulations, which you can find in HRT in E documents.


House tax (taxe d'habitation)

You will also have to pay a "living tax" for your house, this tax is due when you are in the place on the 1st of January of the year, this tax can be from 400 Euros up to 1000 Euros depending of the size of the place you are in.

There is another tax for TV owners if you declare you have one.

You live in Switzerland

Users and Unpaid Associates paid by a foreign institution but living in Switzerland are normally declared by the users office at the OCP "office cantonal de la population" so they should receive a tax declaration form each year.

If not they can contact the centre des Impots de Geneve, rue du Stand, to fill in a form for tax declaration. http://www.getax.ch/getaxpp/2012/Guide.pdf Hotel des finances 26, rue du Stand Case Postale 3937 1211 Geneve 3 Opened 9:00 - 16:00.

All CERN USERS which salary is not paid by CERN but by a foreign organisation, even with a legitimation card, have to pay taxes on their revenue unless they can prove that they pay taxes in another country.

Other taxes You will also have to pay a tax on the TV and radio reception if you live in Switzerland, you will get a letter from Billing company.

Student hotline help

GRADHELP : http://www.gradhelp.org and click on the Resources link. 615 7th Street NE Washington D.C. 20002 P 202.536.3200 F 202.536.3206 E info@hopelineSPAMNOT.com http://www.hopeline.com

http://www.phinished.org/ - a Discussion and Support Group for People Who Don't Seem to Finish Their Dissertations or Theses
http://www.graduate-student.com/ - Grad Student Info
http://dlis.gseis.ucla.edu/people/pagre/network.html - a Guide to Professional Skills for PhD? Students
http://www.jeastwood.com/ - Professional Doctoral Dissertation, Thesis, Book and Journal Article Editing
http://www.gradschools.com/ - The Most Comprehensive Online Source of Graduate School Information
http://www.gradview.com/ - Graduate School, Grad School Financial Aid, Admission testing
http://www.graduateresumes.com/ - Bringing Students and Employers Together
http://www.mentorcoach.com/ - Helping Accomplished Clinicians Become Extraordinary Coaches
http://www.bpdworld.org - Online Chat for Bi-polar Depression
http://www.dbsalliance.org/ - Bi-polar Depression Screening

Major updates:

-- AlexUndrus - 9 May 2011 - copy of Alexia Leyval's page at CERN (dated 7 Nov 2007)

-- AlexiaLeyval - 4 Feb 2016 (last update)

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