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Physics Application Group (PAS)

Welcome to PAS

Welcome to Physics Applications Software (PAS) Group at the Physics Department of Brookhaven National Laboratory. PAS performs physics applications software development for the BNL High Energy Physics program and in particular the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), CERN. The group plays leading roles in ATLAS computing and software internationally and in the U.S.; contributes to the detector development and physics analysis activities of BNL ATLAS; provides software support and expertise for the U.S. ATLAS community, complementing the U.S. ATLAS Tier 1 Computing Facility at BNL; and contributes to wider software and computing projects such as the HEP Software Foundation and the Open Science Grid (OSG). The group is also active in software and computing for DUNE and LSST.

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         Brookhaven National Laboratory
         PAS Group, Physics Department
         Upton, NY 11973

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