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PAS Publications

Recent presentations

Contributions to Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP) 2012 Conference with PAS participation

Contribution Primary Authors PAS Co-Authors
AGIS: The ATLAS Grid Information System ATLAS Collaboration A. Klimentov
ATLAS Data Caching based on the Probability of Data Popularity ATLAS Collaboration A. Klimentov
ATLAS Grid Data Processing: system evolution and scalability ATLAS Collaboration A. Klimentov, P. Nevski
Development of noSQL data storage for the ATLAS PanDA Monitoring System ATLAS Collaboration M. Potekhin, T. Wenaus
Evolution of ATLAS PanDA System ATLAS Collaboration V. Fine, T. Maeno, S. Panitkin, T. Wenaus
Evolution of the ATLAS Nightly Build System ATLAS Collaboration A. Undrus
Integration of Globus Online with the ATLAS PanDA Workload Management System ATLAS Collaboration T. Maeno, M. Potekhin
LCG Persistency Framework (POOL, CORAL, COOL) - Status and Outlook M. Clemencic et al. M. Nowak
PD2P : PanDA Dynamic Data Placement for ATLAS ATLAS Collaboration T. Maeno, S. Panitkin
Recent Improvements in the ATLAS PanDA Pilot ATLAS Collaboration T. Maeno, M. Potekhin, T. Wenaus
Software installation and condition data distribution via CernVM FileSystem in ATLAS ATLAS Collaboration A. Undrus
A Study of ATLAS Grid Performance for Distributed Analysis ATLAS Collaboration V. Fine, S. Panitkin, T. Wenaus
TAG Base Skimming In ATLAS ATLAS Collaboration M. Nowak

Publications with major PAS contribution

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Title PAS Authors Year Links Remarks
Proposal for a Full-Scale Prototype Single-Phase Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber and Detector Beam Test at CERN M.Potekhin 2015 PDF  
New Science on the Open Science Grid M. Potekhin, T. Wenaus 2009 PDF  
Organization and management of ATLAS nightly builds A. Undrus 2009 Journal Server  

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