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PAS Group Directory


Role Name E-mail BNL Phone BNL Room CERN Phone CERN Room Remarks
Group Leader Alexei Klimentov link   B.510A, 217 76485, 77855    
Deputy Group Leader Alexander Undrus link 3037 B.510A, 215 591 R-029, 32-S-C10 77389, 74530  
Administrative Support Linda Feierabend link 4887 B.510, 1-71      
Administrative Support Heather Sherwood-Mockridge link 2291 B.510      

Group fax number +1 (631) 344-5078 (in room 1-81, B. 510)

BNL Physics Department fax number +1 (631) 344-5568 (in department mail room)

BNL phones: +1 (631) 344-XXXX

CERN phones" +41 (22) 76X-XXXX

Staff Members

Name E-mail BNL Phone BNL Room CERN Phone CERN Room Remarks
David Adams link 6049 B.510A, 212      
Tadashi Maeno link   B.510A, 222 892 2-D23 76509  
Marcin Nowak link     32-S-C10 74530, 77855  
Sergey Panitkin link 7739 B.510A, 218      
Maxim Potekhin link 3621 B.510A, 214      
Torre Wenaus link 4755 B.510A, 220 32-S-C10 74530  
Shuwei Ye link 4493 B.510A      
Siarhei Padolski link 2388 B.510A, 221      

Postal Address

         Brookhaven National Laboratory
         PAS Group, Physics Department
         Upton, NY 11973

Major updates:
-- TWikiAdminGroup - 22 Nov 2019

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