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Virtual Tier 3 Project


Test Farm

For development of virtual Tier 3 concept a test farm was set up at BNL. Currently the farm has 8 machines. Each machine has two dual core AMD Opteron 265 CPUs running at 1.8 GHz, with 16 GB of RAM and 4x500GB SATA HDDs (Seagate ST3500630NS). Networking is provided by two 1Gb Broadcom BCM5721 interfaces. All machines will initially run Scientific Linux 5.3 x86_64. We plan to use Xen hypervisor as virtualization platform, with a possibility of using other hypervisors -like VMware and KVM. We expect that the virtual machines development will be based on cernVM, with Scientific Linux based VMs where appropriate or necessary.

Access to the machines of the test farm is via ssh gateways at BNL, with public key authentication. The farm's machines are named t3xen[0-7].racf.bnl.gov. The t3xen0 is assumed to play a role of a "head node" but this may changed if necessary. Limited number of user accounts will be created for developers and, if required, for functional roles.

Sergey Panitkin (panitkin@bnl.gov) will serve as farm's system administrator.

Template VM to be cloned for other uses

The VM sl53-x86_64_base_machine uses bridge network and is visible from outside of physical machine. It should be the basis of cloned machines. The MAC address in the configuration file and network inside of VM will need to be changed when this is cloned to another machine with virt-clone command.

Mapping between Host Name, IP Address and MAC address

Node Name IP Address MAC address
atlast3vm0.racf.bnl.gov 00:16:36:5E:A7:72
atlast3vm1.racf.bnl.gov 00:16:36:5E:A7:73
atlast3vm2.racf.bnl.gov 00:16:36:5E:A7:74
atlast3vm3.racf.bnl.gov 00:16:36:5E:A7:75
atlast3vm4.racf.bnl.gov 00:16:36:5E:A7:76
atlast3vm5.racf.bnl.gov 00:16:36:5E:A7:77
atlast3vm6.racf.bnl.gov 00:16:36:5E:A7:78
atlast3vm7.racf.bnl.gov 00:16:36:5E:A7:79
atlast3vm8.racf.bnl.gov 00:16:36:5E:A7:7A
atlast3vm9.racf.bnl.gov 00:16:36:5E:A7:7B

Services (software used on head nodes)

Batch system

The Condor manual can be found here: Condor v7.2.4 manual

The Condor code (V 7.2.4) can be found here: Condor v7.2.4 tarball

The corresponding link for the source code is: Condor v7.2.4 source tarball

Tips and Tricks (notes for steps done in setup)

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