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US ATLAS FDR Analysis Support


This page provides information that facilitates US involvement in the ATLAS Full Dress Rehearsal. See the ATLAS FDR wiki FullDressRehearsal for the current ATLAS plan. Agenda pages for the ATLAS FDR meetings are under Computing Commissioning.

This page should provide up-to-date information on the data accessibility in US, software updates related to FDR analysis, on-doing meetings, as well as some common analysis topics that US physicists are working on.

Mailing list

A US ATLAS HyperNews mailing list is set up. USAtlasFDR If you do not have US ATLAS HN account, please sign up here https://www.racf.bnl.gov/experiments/usatlas/analysis/hypernews


The first US meeting was on 3pm Monday, Jan 7, 2008. Now meetings are on Mondays at 1pm Eastern Time. To join the meeting, please call 1-510-883-7860, and after the announcement dial 888726#. Or if you use ESNET Video, use the AdHoc number 888726 . Please have a look at Indico for the FDR meeting agendas.

Data Access

The US distributed data management team will work in the ATLAS FDR operation to ensure the FDR data are replicated at the US sites.

More information about the FDR data can be found on the FDR Page of the Panda Monitor.

You can also find information about FDR-1 TAGs here.

Software support

Software issues specific to running in US.

Analysis Interests

At the summary of the Analysis Jamboree in Dec 2007 at BNL, there was a discussion on a few analysis topics leading to FDR activities. Please see the slides at the bottom of the agenda. Also, see the Top FDR page at CERN.

pathena demo on FDR data using analysis queues

See the PathenaOnFDRData page, as well as talks on the agenda pages of the USATLAS Transparent Distributed Facility Workshop and the BNL/ANL FDR-1 Jamboree.

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