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Torre Wenaus Distributed Software Activity Report

U.S. ATLAS distributed software manager, PanDA project co-leader and developer

Jan-Mar 2011

  • developed uploaders for PanDA job and file data to Amazon S3 (Google->S3 and Oracle->S3)
  • uploaded 2009-current job and file data to S3, automated it, continuous upload via cron
  • began looking at Amazon SimpleDB as basis for PanDA job/file archival data
  • Napoli ADC workshop: session convener, Panda status & planning, development and R&D priorities
  • migrated PanDA monitoring/stats gathering services and dev environment to SLC5
  • PanDA project management issues (planning, nagging, reporting, more nagging, prioritization, ...)
  • completed two DOE SBIR reviews

Oct-Dec 2010

  • developed uploader for PanDA job data to Google Storage, uploaded job data subset to Google cloud
  • developed Google BigTable schema for PanDA job data, successfully filled BigTable PanDA job table
  • evaluated (rejected as insufficiently scalable in present form) BigTable as PanDA job table DB
  • PanDA project management issues (planning, nagging, reporting, more nagging, ...)
  • PanDA monitor Oracle optimization and performance debugging in consultation with DBAs
  • participated in CHEP, track convener, co-author
  • consults with Galois over OSG VO authorization work priorities for ATLAS dist comp

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