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Panda used in SBGRID computing effort

Project description

Update 05/21/2010: SBGRID team decided to stick with their Condor workflow and use GlideinWMS. This page is kept as an archive.

SBGRID is a Structural Biology collaboration. One of their current projects aims at reconstruction of the structure of protein molecules based on X-ray diffraction patterns. It relies on a technique similar to Monte Carlo to do that, and has substantial computing resource requirements. SBGRID was involved with OSG for some years now, and was recently using the OSG MatchMaker facility to distribute jobs to sites. Recognizing that Panda system offers valuable features such as centralized logging and advanced monitoring, as well as better handling of site problems due to pilot-based framework, SBGRID decided to evaluate Panda as a Workload Management System for their project.

Sites used (complete list)

Below is a complete list of sites used by SBGRID in the recent months

Site nickname Job Manager
BNL-ATLAS gridgk01.racf.bnl.gov/jobmanager-condor
BNL-ATLAS gridgk02.racf.bnl.gov/jobmanager-condor
CIT_CMS_T2 cit-gatekeeper2.ultralight.org/jobmanager-condor
Firefly ff-grid3.unl.edu/jobmanager-pbs
FNAL_DZEROOSG_1 d0cabosg1.fnal.gov/jobmanager-pbs
FNAL_DZEROOSG_2 d0cabosg2.fnal.gov/jobmanager-pbs
FNAL_FERMIGRID fermigridosg1.fnal.gov/jobmanager-condor
FNAL_GPGRID_1 fnpcosg1.fnal.gov/jobmanager-condor
GLOW cmsgrid01.hep.wisc.edu/jobmanager-condor
LIGO_UWM_NEMO osg-nemo-ce.phys.uwm.edu:2119/jobmanager-condor
MIT_CMS ce01.cmsaf.mit.edu/jobmanager-condor
Nebraska red.unl.edu/jobmanager-condor
NWICG_NotreDame osg.crc.nd.edu/jobmanager-sge
NYSGRID-CCR-U2 u2-grid.ccr.buffalo.edu/jobmanager-pbs
NYSGRID_CORNELL_NYS1 nys1.cac.cornell.edu:2119/jobmanager-pbs
Prairiefire pf-grid.unl.edu/jobmanager-condor
Purdue-RCAC osg.rcac.purdue.edu/jobmanager-condor
RENCI-Engagement belhaven-1.renci.org/jobmanager-condor
SBGrid-Harvard-East osg-east.hms.harvard.edu:2119/jobmanager-condor
SBGrid-Harvard-Exp abitibi.sbgrid.org:2119/jobmanager-condor
SPRACE osg-ce.sprace.org.br/jobmanager-condor
SWT2_CPB gk01.atlas-swt2.org:2119/jobmanager-pbs
TTU-ANTAEUS antaeus.hpcc.ttu.edu/jobmanager-sge
UCHC_CBG vdgateway.vcell.uchc.edu/jobmanager-pbs
UCR-HEP top.ucr.edu:2119/jobmanager-condor
UFlorida-HPC iogw1.hpc.ufl.edu:2119/jobmanager-pbs
USCMS-FNAL-WC1 cmsosgce3.fnal.gov/jobmanager-condor
UTA_SWT2 gk04.swt2.uta.edu/jobmanager-pbs
WQCG-Harvard-OSG tuscany.med.harvard.edu:2119/jobmanager-condor

Sites used (short list)

Below is a list of sites which were of most use to SBGRID
Site nickname Job Manager
Nebraska_SBGRID red.unl.edu/jobmanager-condor
Harvard-East_SBGRID osg-east.hms.harvard.edu:2119/jobmanager-condor
Harvard-Exp_SBGRID abitibi.sbgrid.org:2119/jobmanager-condor
Firefly_SBGRID ff-grid3.unl.edu/jobmanager-pbs
Prairiefire_SBGRID pf-grid.unl.edu/jobmanager-condor
UFlorida-HPC_SBGRID iogw1.hpc.ufl.edu:2119/jobmanager-pbs
USCMS-FNAL-WC1_SBGRID cmsosgce3.fnal.gov/jobmanager-condor
WQCG-Harvard-OSG_SBGRID tuscany.med.harvard.edu:2119/jobmanager-condor

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