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U.S. ATLAS Physics Support and Computing Effort Reporting

Individuals receiving support from the U.S. ATLAS Physics Support and Computing Project and/or other sources of support that are contributing to the project (OSG, DOE/NSF grants) should create a personal effort reporting page linked here, and use it to maintain a concise quarterly effort summary of U.S. ATLAS PS&C activities. Aaron Aarkvard's reporting page can be used as a template. The parent page of the reporting page (Aaron's is AaronAarkvardReport) should be this page, PscEffortReporting.

  • Aaron Aarkvard - Application software and analysis support
  • David Adams? (BNL) - Software Validation
  • Jose Caballero? (BNL) - Distributed software
  • Paolo Calafiura? (LBNL) - Core Framework, EDM Infrastructure
  • Jack Cranshaw? (ANL) - Data management
  • Valeri Fine? (BNL) - Distributed Software
  • Andy Hanushevsky? (SLAC) - Xrootd Support
  • Louise Heelan? (UTA) - Analysis support
  • Vivek Jain? (Indiana) - Tracking Infrastructure, Analysis Documentation
  • Sami Kama? (SMU) - Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Alexei Klimentov? (BNL) - Distributed Data Management
  • Attila Krasznahorkay? (NYU) - Analysis support
  • Nils Krumnack? (Iowa State) - Analysis support
  • Walter Lampl? (Arizona) - Calorimeter Infrastructure
  • Wim Lavrijsen? (LBNL) - Core Framework, EDM Infrastructure
  • Charles Leggett? (LBNL) - Core Framework, EDM Infrastructure
  • Tadashi Maeno? (BNL) - Production System, Distributed Analysis
  • David Malon? (ANL) - Data management
  • Ed Moyse? (U Mass) - Muon Spectrometer Infrastructure
  • Pavel Nevski? (BNL) - Software Validation
  • Paul Nilsson? (UTA) - Distributed software
  • Marcin Nowak? (BNL) - Data management software and event store
  • Sergey Panitkin? (BNL) - Distributed Analysis Systems, Support
  • Maxim Potekhin? (BNL) - Distributed software
  • Douglas Smith? (SLAC) - Distributed software
  • Alden Stradling? (UTA) - Distributed software
  • Mous Tatarkhanov? (LBNL) - Framework, Core Services
  • Mikhail Titov? (UTA) - Distributed software
  • Vakho Tsulaia? (Pittsburgh) - Geometry model and DB
  • Alex Undrus? (BNL) - Software librarian, analysis support
  • Peter Van Gemmeren? (ANL) - Data management
  • Sasha Vaniachine? (ANL) - Data Management
  • Roberto Vitillo? (LBNL) - Multi/many core support
  • Torre Wenaus (BNL) - Distributed Software
  • Yushu Yao? (LBNL) - Grid Integration, Core Services (cvmfs)
  • Shuwei Ye? (BNL) - Distributed Analysis Systems, Support
  • Qizhi Zhang? (ANL) - Data management

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