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Pilot submission for use in VOs other than Atlas


This page is not actively maintained and is likely to be obsolete as of 2016


The Atlas Pilot has evolved from a fairly generic to a highly specialized piece of software and cannot be applied directly to job management for Atlas-agnostic VOs. We need to recreate this functionality to foster wider use of Panda. Immediate applications may include the DUNE experiment.

Technical Notes


  • Important: the list of hosts authorized for pilot submission can be found here
  • To stop a scheduler or monitor use ./tellService.py NNN stop where NNN is the service ID from the AutoPilot monitor. To restart it, run the appropriate pilotCron.sh instance from your cron.

Database tables involved in pilot configuration and submission

Note: the schemas are given for basic reference only, in the form they existed on MySQL servers located at BNL in early 2009. This page will be updated to include current Oracle schemas as time permits.

Table Comment
taginfo Of interest here is the queue depth
schedconfig An important table containing various parameters of site endpoints, where pilots are submitted
pilottype Maps the queue name on the name of the script to be run (pilot) and the URL where it can be obtained.
pilotqueue Mapping between Job ID, pilot ID and the actual submission, with location of log files

Once logged on, the user will access these and other tables like this: ATLAS_PANDAMETA.SCHEDCONFIG

Major updates:
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