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NSAegamma - North/South American e/gamma analysis forum

Active groups and tasks

  • Stony Brook University
    • Members: R. Engelmann, K. Tschann-Grimm, A. Ahmad, J. Farley, J. Gray, M. Rijssenbeek
    • Tasks: EM inter-calib. and linearity using resonances and E/P; e efficiency and fake rate.

  • U. Of Wisconsin
    • Members: Y. Fang, B. Mellado
    • Tasks: Likelihood ratio photon-ID performance.

  • U. Of Michigan
    • Members: H. Yang, X. Li, A. Wilson, B. Zhou
    • Tasks: e and photon ID using boosted decision trees.

  • LBNL
    • Members: L. Tompkins, A. Holloway, A. Bach
    • Tasks: Tracking performance using E/P method and Z -> ee; DPD contents (Holloway); Common DPDs (Tompkins); Re-reconstruction from AOD (Tompkins).

  • OU
    • Members: R. Lebbai, M. Saleem, P. Skubic
    • Tasks: E-ID efficiency using Z -> ee and J/psi -> ee.

  • Duke
    • Members: A. Goshaw, A. Bocci
    • Tasks: Photon fake rate.

  • BNL
    • Members: S. Snyder, H. Ma, S. Rajagopalan, G. Redlinger
    • Tasks: Calibration; e fake rates and efficiencies; Trigger efficiencies.

  • SMU
    • Members: D.Jaffe, R. Kehoe, K. Dindar, H. Hanavand
    • Tasks: Soft e reco; Photon conversion; Photon fake rates and ID efficiency.

  • ISU
    • Members: J. Cochran + GRA, A. Nelson
    • Tasks: Soft e reco; J/psi -> ee.

  • U. Penn
    • Members: J. Alison, B. Williams, F. Martin, M. Donega, E. Thomson, L. Hines, J. Degenhardt, J. M. Hance
    • Tasks:
      • Maintenance and upgrade of the egamma software (F. Martin, M. Donega)
      • EM calorimeter and tracking for EM objects in minbias events (M. Donega, F. Martin)
      • Determination of the material in front of the EM calorimeter (M. Donega)
      • Optimisation of trigger menus, algorithm sequence and selection for early data, in particular L2 tracking (E. Thomson, L. Hines, J. Degenhardt)
      • Optimisation of offline selection (cuts and multivariate), in particular comparison of id observables between data and simulation for different regions in eta and ET (E. Thomson, L. Hines, J. Degenhardt)
      • Efficiencies and fake rates for electrons, in particular fakes rates from QCD jets via a data sample obtained by reversing some of the id cuts (E. Thomson, L. Hines, J. Degenhardt, J. Alison)
      • Efficiencies and fake rates for photons (M. Hance, M.Donega, F. Martin, J. Alison)

  • UTA
    • Members: J. Yu, H. Kim
    • Tasks: E and photon high level ID performance; data-MC comparisons.

  • Hampton + Yale
    • Members: T. N. Addy, T. Shin
    • Tasks: e fake rate; ID eff from Z -> ee tag & probe method.

  • UCSC
    • Members: B.Schumm, J. Nielson, A. Litke, T. Hansl-Kozanecki, J. Mitrevski, G. Hare
    • Tasks: Inner tracker performance; tracking efficiencies.

  • NYU
    • Members: A. Shibata
    • Tasks: Common roottuple.

  • Ohio State
    • Members: W. Fernando, KK Gan, H. Kagan, R. Kass, A. Rahimi, K. Loureiro, J. Moss, M. Fisher
    • Tasks: e ID eff.

  • ANL
    • Members: R. Blair, S. Chekanov, L. Price
    • Tasks: Photon fake rate; photon and background validation.

  • Yale
    • Members: K. Baker, M. Thioye
    • Tasks: E ID eff using Z -> ee.

Root-tuples (D3PDs)

A set of D3PDs for egamma analysis is being prepared. For more information, see EgammaD3PDMaker.

Short-term milestones and actions

  • Week of Sept. 22: First regular meeting
    • Action: Everyone sends blocked time slots to Jae and Scott by Tuesday, Sept. 16 * Action: Jae and Scott to decide and notify the regular meeting time by Thursday, Sept. 18 * Action: Everyone subscribes to the US egamma HN by Thursday, Sept. 18

  • Week of Sept. 22 by the first meeting:
    • Finalize the contents of the common egamma roottuples
    • Action: Everyone to look at the current EW roottuple Lauren produced and send your preference to Lauren by Sept. 16
    • Finalize task lists
    • Action: Send your task request to Jae and Scott by Sept. 16
    • Action: Jae to speak to ATLAS egamma conveners for official crediting

  • Week of Oct. 7: Start egamma rootuple production on FDR2 data
    • Action: Lauren test run the common rootuple executables on samples

Major updates:
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