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NSA (North/South America) ATLAS Top Physics Working Group


This group exist to coordinate and support top physics analysis activities based in the U.S. It is not meant to be a parallel management to that of CERN Top WG, rather it will try to strengthen the analysis experience in the U.S. through local activities.

The U. S. Top Phyiscs Forum is coordinated by co-conveners Pat Skubic (pskubic@ou.edu) and Dhiman Chakraborty (dhiman@nicadd.niu.edu). Activities are discussed during the weekly Physics and Performance meetings. Agenda can be found here.

Ongoing analyses

  • QCD Background in Electron + Jets tT at D0 (Scott Snyder, BNL)
  • Ditop resonance (Francesco Spano, Columbia)
  • Pre-commissioning analysis (LBL)
  • Ditop resonance (Dilip Kumar Jana, Pat Skubic et al, Oklahoma)
  • Lepton+jets analysis (M. Saleem, D. Jana, Pat Skubic et al, Oklahoma, in collaboration with OSU and Arizona, see below)
  • tT+jets (F. Rizatdinova, Babak Abi, Oklahoma State)
  • tT+jets (Ken Johns, V. Kaushik, X. Lei, Arizona)
  • QCD background in Muon + Jets (Robert Harrington, Boston)
  • Dilepton tT cross-section analysis (Paul Tipton, Andrey Loginov et al, Yale)
  • Dilepton tT cross-section analysis (Kyle Cranmer, NYU)
  • Spin correlation of tT in e/mu channel (S. shrestha, K. Yamanaka, J. Cochran, ISU)
  • FCNC tT (J. Brau, J. Searcy, Oregon)
  • tT->tau+X anlaysis (Informal bi-weekly meetings (see top physics agenda page) are organized by Dick Greenwood, LTU)


  • Single top trigger studies (Pat Ryan)
  • Combined single top analysis with early data (Jenny Holzbauer, Pat Ryan, Reinhard Schwienhorst, Bernard Pope)
  • Top and single top trigger studies (Sarah Heim)
  • S-channel single top analysis (Sarah Heim)
  • W' search in the single top final state (Patrick True, Kirsten Tollefson)

New contributors

Past activities

CSC analysis

  • Single top t-channel analysis (Akira Shibata, NYU)
  • Single top analysis (Jim Cochran/Kyoko Yamanaka/Nathan Triplett, Iowa State)

Suggested topics that are uncovered

  • Top mass measurement
  • tT cross section with b-tagging (especially, semileptonic tagging)
  • Differential cross section
  • Charged higgs decay from top
  • tT plus jets
  • Data-driven background estimation of QCD in dilepton decay (c.f. Scott).
  • Data-driven background estimation of W+jets, in particular, strategy for understanding the systematics.
  • Fast turn-around analysis using Atlfast-I.
  • Understanding early trigger performance.

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