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Attending: J. Shank, K. De, B. Mellado, G. Watts, R. Gardner, K. Baker, H. Gordon, M. Tuts, S. Rajagopalan, I. Hinchliffe

Higgs/SM regional production: B. M. slides

Going well, but there were some problems getting input files. EVGEN files are coming from the LCG and it takes a long time, some files are lost. Lessons:

  • 1. We need to push on the DDM team or LCG ops to get this working better
  • 2. for regional production, we should do the evgen stage on the OSG.
  • 3. Ian says all sites know that they are supposed to distribute the evgen to all Tier 1’s
  • 4. We should NOT run multiple copies of the same [evgen] job→ leads to confusion.

Additional request: 1 M more events in addition to the already approved 2 M.

Production status: K. D. slides

We are only using a few % of our CPU for regional production. So we should just approve all requests until we get up to about 20%.

J.S. Will advertise again that resources are available for regional prod.

I.H.: There may be a request for large ATLFAST running which will be disk space limited not CPU.

KD: SUSY group should do some reg. prod. , but they are focused on ALTFAST

Is there Heavy Ion running at BNL? J.S. will check with M.E.

Major updates:
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