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Minutes31Jan2007 -

Minutes of the RAC meeting 31 Jan., 2007

  • J. Shank mentioned the on-going organization of an ATLAS-wide RAC:

The ATLAS Computing Resource Management Group

The CREM group would consist of:

  • the Computing Resources Coordinator (chair of this group);
  • the Computing Model WG Chair;
  • the ICB Chair;
  • the Accounting Coordinator:
  • the Physics Coordinator or delegate;
  • the Data Preparation Coordinator or delegate;
  • the Trigger Coordinator or delegate;
plus, ex-officio:
  • the Computing Coordinator:
  • the Software Project Leader;
  • the Computing Operations Coordinator.

The make up of this group is an ongoing discussion in ATLAS

U.S. ATLAS Facilities

  • B. Gibbard reported that the T1 center now has 400 TB in dCache with about 200 TB used
    • so about 200 TB available for use.

Request for regional production

which sparked a discussion of how regional production should be done. The Wisc. and MSU groups will define these jobs in the ATLAS production DB just like any other managed production, but the priority will be set low so that the official ATLAS production system executors will never pick them up. The regional group (Wisc/MSU) will then run these jobs on local resources and register the ourput files using the ATLAS DDM tools putting about 10 TB of data on the BNL T1. This way the data will be available to the whole collaboration just as if it was done in standard production.

The RAC agreed to allocate 10 TB at BNL for this production.

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