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U.S. ATLAS M4 Data Analysis


The daily meetings are over and we have switched to weekly meetings with the focus of preparing for the M5 run. The meetings are on Thursday, 12:30 PM EDT. To join, please call: 1-712-429-0700 participant code: 219061

Mailing List

There is a U.S. ATLAS Hypernews setup for detailed discussion: To subscribe, go to : https://www.usatlas.bnl.gov/HyperNews/racf/login.pl?userid=&url=/HyperNews/racf/top.pl

and select U.S. ATLAS Commissioning.

If you do not have a Hypernews username/password, then send an e-mail to: rt-racf-UserAccounts@bnl.gov and ask for a Hypernews account. Note that you should already have an account on the Tier 1 to do this. In your message, please specify -- a desired hypernews username. Please also specify a contact person if you do not have an existing account at the Tier 1 facility.

Once you receive a HN username/password, you may go and subscribe to this (and other) list.

M4 Analysis Chat Room

  • We will try to keep a AIM chat room going throughout the M4 period. Use your IM client's "Join group..." function to join the group named "M4 ATLAS".
If you are using AIM from Windows, click on "People", click on "Start a Buddy Chat". This will give you a pop up Window. Enter m4atlas for the Chat Room name and your screen name in the Screen Name box. You can also invite others at this time if you wish.

If you have trouble, send your AIM screen name (obtain one from aim.com) to Jim Shank to get invited to the chat.

Links to ATLAS M4 Wiki Pages

Software Release for M4 reconstruction/analysis at acas machines:

  • Address all questions about releases to Shuwei Ye.

  • Release 13.0.25 for M4 data and its patches (latest have been installed as a kit release at BNL in the following location:


  • There is also a shorter symbolic link /opt/usatlas/kit_rel/13.0.25 pointing to the above directory, which you may prefer esp. for tcsh.

Setting up the release:

  • You can set up the environment for 13.0.25 via the following command:

% source /opt/usatlas/kit_rel/13.0.25/cmtsite/setup.sh -tag=13.0.25,setup

  • For its patches, you have to specify the project AtlasPoint1 as a tag, i.e. (for

% source /opt/usatlas/kit_rel/13.0.25/cmtsite/setup.sh -tag=,AtlasPoint1,setup

Software Release for M4 reconstruction/analysis at grid machines:

The release installation in OSG area at grid machines is different from that above at acas machines. Before you submit jobs using pathena BNL, please check the availability of the patch in the following directory:


Software patch specific to running at BNL

  • Use local Oracle DB: Add these to the end of your jobOpt
This will use the oracle db at BNL for the conditions database.

  • LAr pool conditions dataset: we need files in two lar conditions datasets: comcond.000001.lar_conditions.recon.pool.v0000 and comcond.000002.lar_conditions.recon.pool.v0000 and create the catalog. I have done so (including patching the missing and wrong files). so please do this in your run directory:
mkdir poolcond
ln -sf /usatlas/u/hma/workarea/13.0.25/run/poolcond/PoolCat_comcond_castor.xml poolcond

Data Availability

  • Raw data sets are being replicated at BNL
  • ESD data sets will soon becomes available.
  • M4 files in dq2
  • more information soon.

U.S. interests in M4 Analysis

  • LAr: Hong Ma, Fabien Tarrade, Walter Lampl
  • Tile: Eric Feng
  • TRT: Brig Williams, James Degenhardt, Siva Subramania, Peter Cwetanski, H. Ogren, H. Evans
  • Inner Detector: Beate Heinemann
  • Muons: Stephane Willocq, Kevin Black, Robert Harrington

Runs of Interest in M4

Analysis Plots:

Here are a sample of plots coming out from the ongoing M4 data analysis:

Pending Action Items:

Once the action item is done, it will be removed -- Only pending ones are shown here.

  • Fabien testing pAthena on M4 raw data files at BNL. (8/30)

  • Waiting for stable AtlasProdution? cache for running grid jobs on M4 data. When this becomes available, we will consider re-reconstruction of the full sample at BNL (8/30)

  • Continue replication of RAW datafile to T1 and ESD files to T0/T1. (Alexei).

  • Alexei to create datasets at a [coarser] DAQ run level - Present datasets at T0 are in 30 minute running interval. (8/27)

  • Walter and Kevin to identify GOOD data files and post on Wiki. (8/28)

  • Hong/Fabien to start looking at LAr Raw Data. (8/28)

  • Brig/Penn have started looking at M4 data at CERN, will exercise this at BNL. In particular interested in TRT track trigger. (8/28)

  • Kevin/Rob will look at the muon data. Contacting Ed/Monica for getting t0's in production DB replicated at BNL.

  • Siva/ Peter Cwetanski will continue with Monitoring packages, work at Bloomington with H. Ogren, H. Evans.

Major updates:
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