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BNL FDR2 Analysis Jamboree, June 2008


This Analysis Jamboree is organized by the BNL ATLAS Analysis Support Center soon after the FDR2 run. It aims to help analyzing FDR2 Full Dress Researsal) data. We expect the FDR2 data will be available by the time of the Jamboree. As with the previous analysis Jamborees, there will be some talks on the subjects of general interests, and working sessions divided into different topic groups. If needed, there will be video conference connection.

Dates and Agenda Outline

The dates for the Jamboree
June 24-June 27, 2008

The agenda for the Jamboree will be filled shortly.

The participants are welcome to stay longer at BNL if they find it beneficial, but please check the availability of personnel you intend to interact with. We hope that this environment would provide an added benefit for bringing collaborators of similar physics interests to work together, not just at the Analysis Week, but thereafter as well.

We will organize a dinner on Wednesday, June 25, 2008,


The BNL meeting will take place in BNL Physics Department, Building 510A, Room 2-84 for general meetings, and additional space for breakout sessions in Room 1-105 and Room 1-113 in the same building, and a coffee lounge in Room 1-100. Physics Bldg map

Please refer to the BNL Map for directions to lab and the physics department.


We require a registration for the Jamboree because space is limited, and we would like to know in advance the topics to be discussed. There is no registration fee,

Please fill out a registration form at http://www.usatlas.bnl.gov/BNLJamboreeJun08/reserve.php. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Hong Ma (hma@bnl.gov) and Linda Feierabend (feierabe@bnl.gov).

Attendees who already hold a valid BNL Guest Badge may come on site without notification to the main gate. Attendees who already have approved guest appointments, but do not have a Guest Badge will have to notify the BNL main gate of their arrival by checking in here. US citizens without a guest appointment are allowed on site, but we must know the dates of your visit so that the main gate can be notified.

All others must apply for the BNL guest appointment by completing the Brookhaven's Guest Registration Form well in advance of the meeting. You will be notified when the guest appointment is approved. When you arrive at BNL with the approved guest appointment for the first time, you must stop at the security office by the main entrance where you will be issued a temporary pass, then proceed to the RHIC/AGS Users' Office to complete the check-in procedure.

NON-US citizens without BNL guest appointment should complete the BNL Guest Registration form as soon as possible, since it takes additional time for the approval process, especially for people from "sensitive" countries.

Please also note that obtaining a BNL computer account at USATLAS Tier-1 requires an approved guest appointment (irrespective of citizenship).

BNL Visitor information is http://www.bnl.gov/bnlweb/userindex.html .

Registered participants

See http://www.usatlas.bnl.gov/BNLJamboreeJun08/reserve_list.php.


A guide to some of the options are listed on the DiningNearBNL page.


On-site housing in the BNL dorms is available (approx. $34/night). Summer housing is always tight, so we encourage you to reserve early. There are also on-site guest houses available at approximately $103 per night. For details, see BNL housing webpage http://www.bnl.gov/staffservices/OnsiteHousing/OnsiteHousing.asp . On-site housing is in high demand in the summer, please make the reservation early.

For reservation, please contact the house office directly. Staying in BNL on site housing requires a guest appointment regardless of citizenship.

BNL on-site housing for non-US citizens can only be confirmed after the guest appointment is approved.

For off-site housing, we suggest

  • Hampton Inn
    2000 North Ocean Avenue
    Farmingville, NY
    Phone : +1-631-732-7300
    Directions : East on the Long Island Express, Exit 63 North
    Rates : BNL rate ($109/night )
    Daily rate includes: Daily Continental Breakfast, Wireless Connections, Microwave, Refrigerator, Coffee Makers in each guest room

  • Radisson Hotel (on the site of the former Best Western)
    1730 North Ocean Avenue
    Holtsville, NY
    Phone : +1-631-758-2900
    Directions : East on the Long Island Expressway, Exit 63 South
    Rates : BNL Rate ($109/night, breakfast included)

Computing Environment

We assume everyone will bring a laptop to work on, and everyone has a BNL computer account at the Tier-1. See https://www.racf.bnl.gov/experiments/usatlas/getstarted/useraccounts for getting new accounts.

Network connections, Wireless

All computers connected to BNL network need to be registered with the BNL ITD. When you first connect to the network, your web browser will be connected to a page to register your computer. Enter the appropriate information on the page (your Guest number is needed), re-start the network connection, you will then be connected.

The physics building has visitor wireless network. The name of the wireless access point is Corus2. A few wired connections (inside firewall) are available in rooms 2-84 and 1-105. You need to set http proxy in the web browser after registration, for both wireless and wired connections, see i http://www.bnl.gov/cybersecurity/www.asp for instructions.

Tier-1 computer account.

If you have not logged onto your BNL account lately, you should be aware that using ssh private key is required. Follow this link https://www.racf.bnl.gov/docs/authentication/ssh/sshkeys.

We will ask for additional interactive nodes be made available during the Jamboree. They are included in the pool of the interactive machines, so using "rterm" is sufficient.


FDR2 software topics

  • DPD production and DPD making tools
  • Trigger Menu and Analysis
  • Analysis with PROOF
  • Luminosity Calculation
  • Tag Database

FDR2 analysis topics

  • gamma+Jet and Jet energy scale (Michael Begel, Katy Tschann-Grimm)
  • Electron fake rate (Akria Shibata)
  • Missing Et (Stephanie Majewski)
  • Muon Performance (David Adams)

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