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Refer to ATLAS-Xrootd Tier 3 working group, https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Atlas/XrootdTier3.


Notes from meeting organized by Alain Roy (VDT team).


  • Alain Roy, Tanya Levshina, Charles Waldman, Rob Gardner, Doug Benjamin, Marco Mambelli, Sarah Williams, Wei Yang, Andy Hanushevsky


From: Alain Roy 
Date: May 2, 2010 12:11:23 PM CDT
To: Andrew Hanushevsky , Wilko Kroeger , Wei Yang , Fabrizio Furano , Andrew Hanushevsky , Tanya Levshina , Dan Fraser , Rob Gardner , Rik Yoshida , Douglas P Benjamin 
Subject: Reminder of OSG-ATLAS-XRootd meeting, Tuesday May 4th

Hi everyone,

I would like to remind everyone of our regular OSG-ATLAS-Xrootd meeting.

Date:  Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
Time:  9:30am Pacific, 11:30am Central, 6:30pm Geneva
Phone: 510-665-5437, #4321

The usual agenda:

1) Update on OSG plans. 
2) Update on XRootd plans.
3) Update on USATLAS needs and expectations for XRootd and OSG's distribution of it.

I imagine our recent discussions about configuration of Xrootd and the timing of this release will be a highlight of this meeting. 


Non-priv install and control

  • vdt-control from a non-priv account, nearly done. No big worries.

Single configuration file

  • Single configuration - Tanya working on this, with Wei. Will require a lot of changes for Scot.

Multiple partitions

  • For multiple partitions - use star notation - to simplify the configuration file
  • Note: need to be root to do a bind mount (or symbolic links) - but you have to be root to setup partitions in the first place
  • However a non-priv user can create a sym link to the partition
  • Tanya will send the global configuration file as an example


  • Some technical details need to be worked out - Tanya and Wei to handle offline
  • Enable security - add as option
  • Authorization configuration for unix-level users - can add a standard template
  • Discussion of script versus configuration file for managing users - should a tool be provided by the xrootd team? Note this would take a while since a user tool would need iteration.
  • Need a minimal solution for security. Setup a scratch area for write access for all users who have an account in the cluster.
  • Limit access by domain name and protocol, wildcard is allowed.
  • Note the account xrootd runs under would have full r/w privileges
  • Federated xrootd sites may require something beyond the standard unix configuration, since UIDs won't line up.
  • Wide area read access for copying between xrootd sites (initiate transfer from destination)


  • Roughly a week for the basic features above

-- RobertGardner - 04 May 2010

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