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This task covers the provisioning of various ATLAS and OSG client tools for use in the US ATLAS Facility by site administrators and physicist-users. This includes:
  • Providing a package of OSG client middleware components that can be used in conjunction with dq2-client tools released by DDM to successfully and efficiently access US ATLAS storage elements. See further WlcgClient.
  • A worker node client component which includes LFC client utilities packaged by VDT for use with the standard OSG 1.0 worker-node client package. This provides Panda pilots the LFC client programs it needs to access LFC catalogs.

Previous Phases


This is for Phase 6 of the IntegrationProgram, covering June 1 - Sep 30, 2008.
  • Pre-release WlcgClient for testing: June 30
  • First release of WlcgClient for wider adoption: July 31
  • Report of SE testing from client tools: Aug 13 (MinutesAug13)
  • First production release of WlcgClient: Sep 22 (Note1)
  • New production release of WN-Client (including LFC support): Sep 22 (Note1)
  • Facility-wide client throughput performance report: Sep 30
  • For LFC related milestones, see also FileCatalog.


Expected date is September 22. The production release candidate (wlcg-client_dev) has been tested since the end of August and approved for release on September 3. For the official release we are waiting for the next patch of the production VDT (this will include a new package, LFC-Client, and minor bug fixes, e.g. cURL CAPATH problem). The same is valid for the WorkerNode? client, currently available as wn-client_dev. The release of a new WN package from VDT will have longer times. In the mean time we will keep providing the package from the MWT2 Pacman cache. See further WlcgClient.

Explanation of releases

Pre-release: Includes all required features. Some program included in the package have faulty behavior due to library incompatibilities. Used by friendly users.
First release: Library problem solved with a workaround (python wrapper). Widely adopted, including ANL Analysis Workshop (end of July).
Production release: will remove the duplicate libraries (multiple versions of the same library in different sections of the package) and the workaround done to accommodate them. LFC support now provided by VDT

-- RobertGardner - 27 Oct 2008

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