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Tier2 Planning

Tasks and Milestones

Questions / Issues for facilities


  • Current set of action items: NortheastTier2ActionItems
  • Notes taken during the May 2006 Tier2 workshop:
    • Main set of questions concern storage system to use.


  • Current set of action items: SouthwestTier2ActionItems
  • Notes during May 2006 Tier2 workshop:
    • Deployed 160 nodes
    • Number of headnodes - 8 TB
    • 16 TB SAN storage: IBRIX filesystem. To study
    • Additional xx TB available in distributed storage (single SATA drive)
      • Q: use dcache, or resilient dcache
    • Platform Rocks 3.3.0 (RHEL X86_64) - additional Dell rolls
    • Platform freeware scheduler Lava (looking into)
    • Networking: oc12 from ntg to houston peering site. future: LEARN and NLR? Need to look into peering.
    • OU: same as UTA, 1/4 scale. Plan on putting SRM/dCache on top of IBRIX filesystem.
    • OU: network connectivity option is through NLR.


  • Follow-up to Tier2Planning? tasks will be updated in MidwestTier2ActionItems.
  • Notes during May 2006 Tier2 workshop:
    • Storage questions, dCache
    • See HEPIX presentation on physics benchmarks
    • Concerns about large size of disks, time to reconstruct. RAID6.
    • Use dual, dual cores for 10 Gbps machine.
    • GPFS? Last year its been rock solid.
    • Teraport feedback: jobs cleaning up grid directories in home directories. DQ2 server certificate rather than user certificate.

OSG Software and Panda validation

  • Do Tier2 centers need to provide 3rd party DQ services for generic (non-US ATLAS) OSG sites?


-- RobertGardner - 09 May 2006

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