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Tier2 Facilities

Tasks and Deliverables

  1. Obtain current inventory of deployed project and leveraged Tier2 facilities
    • Spec Int/TB for Funded, Dedicated, Leveraged (ATLAS usable)
    • Due 5/31
  2. Deployment plans/profiles of new cluster facilities at each Tier2
    • Spec Int/TB plans
    • Timeline (RFP, Procurement, Infrastructure, Deployment)
    • Due 6/30 I

  1. Fabric management systems: recommendations for standardization, or not; Rocks commonanilties?
    • No, Use most expedient process.

  1. Tier2 data services: deployment and operations
    1. Document model, configuration, operational guide
    2. ATLAS distributed databases See next section
    3. DDM servers Expect Tier 1 to take this over

Site architecture and configuration

Treat funded tier 2 facility as black box.
Define minimum interfaces not exhaustive:

  • Number / Type of gatekeepers
  • Number / Type of SE's
  • Dedicated machine(s) for Conditions/Cal DB
  • Dedicated OSG ITB node
  • Tier 2 interactive nodes?

Monitoring and Accounting - what are precise monitoring requirements: * which site-level systems are monitored, * reporting to which top-level servers. - accounting for RAC purposes - accounting for LCG purposes - accounting for OSG purposes

- service alerts and monitors * What services should generate alerts * Additional Monitoring for diagnosis

Policy publication and implementation - GUMS configurations - Not only the queues, priorities, and quotas, but also Tier2 usage by general ATLAS users (analysis, production, interactive) - local scheduler configurations (PBS and Condor) - publication of US ATLAS and site-level policies. - policy change control

OSG integration - running OSG services on Tier2 resources - integration / validation of ATLAS on OSG - supporting other VOs on usatlas resources - interfacing to OSG operations, security, etc


Define major milestones here, eg:

  • Delivery of phase 1 cluster at MWT2
  • Phase 1 SWT2 cluster operational

where "Phase 1" is something to name a Specint+TB capacity.


Tier 2 external Interface document * Flesh out requirements at Wed. meetings * Have first draft available in 1 month * Have full definition available in 3 months




  • Vendor selection for Phase 1 procurement
  • Delivery of Phase 1 equipment to IU and UC
  • Phase 1 Tier2 operational

-- RobertGardner - 09 May 2006

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