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This report covers Phase 8 of the IntegrationProgram which covers the period of January 1 - March 31, 2009.

New developments during this period:

  • Formation of Facility Working Group on Analysis queue Performance - FacilityWGAP
  • Formation of Data Management Working Group

Procurement reports and capacity status

See FabricUpgradeP8 for planned upgrades, and CapacitySummary for current status of deployed capacities and WLCG MOU pledge comparisons.

ATLAS release installation via Pacballs & DDM

Storage management

See SpaceManagement and StorageValidation.

Throughput & Network Monitoring

Analysis milestones

US ATLAS facility client support

This task covers the provisioning of various ATLAS and OSG client tools for use in the US ATLAS Facility by site administrators and physicist-users. This includes:
  • Providing a package of OSG client middleware components that can be used in conjunction with dq2-client tools released by DDM to successfully and efficiently access US ATLAS storage elements. See further WlcgClient.
  • A worker node client component which includes LFC client utilities packaged by VDT for use with the standard OSG 1.0 worker-node client package. This provides Panda pilots the LFC client programs it needs to access LFC catalogs.


Carryover issues from Phase 8

  • Complete commissioning of new storage and compute servers at all sites.
  • Throughput targets still be reached at all sites.
  • Analysis stress testing for each site.
  • WLCG storage capacity reporting: deferred.

Carryover issues for Phase 9

-- RobertGardner - 03 Mar 2009

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