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This report covers Phase V of the IntegrationProgram which covers the period of April 1 - June 30, 2008. Meetings during this period:

Summary of milestones achieved

  • WBS 1.1 ATLAS releases: during this period the approach of using Panda jobs to install ATLAS releases was modified to use "pacballs" (self-contained Pacman packages) and DQ2 - treating releases as datasets with regard to transport and cataloging. While the job submission infrastructure is in place, the approach of distributing pacballs via DQ2 is still being worked out by then end of this reporting period.
  • WBS 1.2 DQ2 site services: Site services were upgraded to DQ2 0.6 and then to DQ2 1.0, the stable production release of DQ2.
  • WBS 1.3 OSG services: Validation of ATLAS/Panda on ITB 0.9, in advance of OSG 1.0 release; deployment of OSG 1.0 on nearly all the US ATLAS production sites completed.
  • WBS 1.4 Storage services: dCache 1.8 continues to be in use at BNL-Tier1 and at AGLT2 and MWT2 providing SRM v2.2 capability for space token reservations. At SLAC, UTA, BU and OU an equivalent SRM v2.2 capable storage element based on Bestman-Xrootd has been deployed. Space token descriptions for ATLAS have been configured everywhere.
  • WBS 1.5 Monitoring services: with deployment of OSG 1.0, RSV has been deployed widely within the US ATLAS Facility which is used for WLCG SAM reporting for both compute element (CE) and storage element (SE) availability and reliability. The system is now working and formal reports will begin during the month of July.

-- RobertGardner - 29 Jul 2008

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