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Work in previous phases:

Phase 4 goals (January - March 31, 2008)

  • Equip storage element with an SRM v2.2 endpoint using either dCache or Bestman, Bestman-xrootd.
  • Perform local disk benchmarks (using a standard tool such as bonnie++, IOzone, etc) and report. (Moved to LoadTestsP5)
  • Perform throughput tests from BNL to the door and achieve at least 200 MB/s. (Moved to LoadTestsP5)
  • Implement space tokens for ATLAS April 2, 2008 milestone.

SRM v2.2 functionality for storage elements (ATLAS April 2 milestone)

  • AGLT2 - has 4 FTS channels associated with the site, supporting both SRM and gridftp endpoints. The main production storage element endpoint should be running v2.2.
    • May need to migrate data currently in the gridftp server into dCache, and update LRC.
    • Will investigate setting up an RSV probe to monitor the SE endpoint.
  • MWT2
    • SRM is setup at IU, running in front of a single gridftp server.
    • SRM now working at UC - there were problems getting it to work with the private network.
    • Need to specify streams-num=1.
    • Also will setup an RSV monitoring probe.
  • WT2
    • SRM running for several months, new version of bestman-xrootd is nearly available. Expect by next week to have everything ready.
    • Also RSV probe is needed.
  • NET2
    • Have been in contact with Wei and Alex about using bestman-xrootd- using the Posix interface. Installed, and using with a separate gridftp. Seems to be working fine. New gatekeeper available, install bestman and OSG, and modify tiers of atlas (8 cores, 32 G of ram). Not sure if a migration is necessary after the new service is available. Will setup two space tokens - mc/data. No functional tests yet.
  • SWT2
    • Waiting to hear how Wei's latest attempt goes.

-- RobertGardner - 10 Oct 2007

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