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Previous notes from Phase 1 regarding storage services, StorageServicesP1

New in this phase

  • 8/31: perform simple load tests of gridftp-based storage on all sites w/ gridftp doors, and establish benchmarks. Capture this data and report on bencharks.
  • 8/31: perform similar load tests with srm-managed storage
    • AGLT2
      • Wenjing Wu (wuwj@umich.edu) will coordinate for AGLT2 tests
      • Now I am carrying on the test of the IO rate of Local disk and raid system by using IOZONE
      • Additional tools: 'hdparm -tT', 'time dd if=/dev/zero of=/atlas/data08/dq2/test_io', 'bonnie++ ', etc.
    • BNL
    • MWT2_IU
    • MWT2_UC


  • No reported tests of local tranfers or file system performance.
  • See LoadTestsP2 for results of memory-to-disk, and disk-to-disk load tests to NFS and dCache disks.
  • Results indicate up to ~ 112 MB/s using Globus gridftp and up to 60 MB/s for dCache gridftp.

-- RobertGardner - 15 Aug 2007

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