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Tier 2 Software Installation

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USATLAS Tier 2 Site Admins are responsible for installing and configuring site level software to service USATLAS. To make site resources available to USATLAS it is necessary to install an OSG gatekeeper system (Compute Element), configure it to submit jobs to your local site batch manager, and install a GUMS (Grid User Managment System) server.

OSG Gatekeeper Installation and Configuration

The easiest way to to this is to install via the OSG pacman system. Start at OSG | Documentation | How-To Guides and go to Compute Element Install Guide.

GUMS (Grid User Management System) Installation and Configuration

On a separate system from the Compute Element (gatekeeper) you will need to install and configure a GUMS server. As before go to the OSG website and navigate to the complete instructions in the GUMS Installation Guide. If you do the install via OSG and you wish to support all standard OSG VOs, only minor GUMS configuration will be necessary (to define your local hosts). The local group accounts (to which the VOs map) will also need to be created.
  • Official GUMS Documentation Installation and configuration help and documentation are available here. Anyone with GUMS-related questions should also start here.

Additional GUMS How-Tos and Information

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