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From: Miguel Branco 
Date: November 21, 2007 4:15:35 AM CST
To: Miguel Branco 
Cc: usatlas-ddm-l@lists.bnl.gov, atlas-t1-ddm-oper@cern.ch, DQ2 Support , atlas-comp-oper@cern.ch, Atlas DQ2 development mailing list 
Subject: [Usatlas-ddm-l] DQ2 0.4.1 site services release


We would like to announce the release of DQ2 0.4.1 site services. This release introduces multiple fixes and improvements to DQ2 0.4.0 site services (details below). The upgrade is straightforward and highly recommended as the stability and performance of the site services has considerably improved.

End-user client tools or public AFS clients are not affected by this upgrade.

For a quick upgrade from 0.4.0 site services, check the following section:


For full installation instructions, check here:


Short summary of the changes with this release:

  • Support for SRM v2 and space tokens.
  • Improvements to multi-threading for the Subscription Resolver agent.
  • Improvements to multi-threading for the Source File Lookup agent.
  • Improvements to rotation of channels during FTS queries.
  • Fixes to exception handling when failing to contact central catalogues.
  • Fixed sizes of counter fields in site services database.
  • Fixed 'waitforsources' field without default value on reset.
  • Protected potential deadlock on updating subscriptions for the Subscription Resolver agent.
  • Fixed LFC 'Internal Error' due to expired session timeout.
  • Introduce convention for user datasets going under path '/user/UserName/dataset.name/file.name.1'.
  • Fixed zombie FTS processes.
  • Fixed duplicate file queueing, which could occur during failed lookup queries to the local catalogue.
  • Fixes to documentation examples.
  • Improvements to log file reports.
  • Improvements to agent management (connection renewal, hanged processes and exception handling).
  • Fixed bug where on a transfer retrial with a non-connected source, the file would fail to be re-allocated promptly.
  • Fixed bug reporting wrong file transfer attempt number to the ARDA Dashboard.
  • Fixed validation of site identifiers in the local configuration file.
  • Rewrites destination file name on transfer retrials in case the TiersOfATLAS? entry was changed during the transfer.
  • Fixed bug where submission of FTS job with different destination IPs would group transfers together.

Please send any questions to atlas-dq2-support@cern.ch.

For bug reports, please use our Savannah area: https://savannah.cern.ch/projects/atlas-ddm/

cheers, Miguel

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