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  • See slides
  • Large capacity ramp-up: will have >2 M SI2K?
  • MSU coming online
  • Some issues w/ Dell switches
  • Running Condor 6.9.4 job scheduler. Tier3 used when idle, vice-versa.
  • Analysis queues are setup
  • Monitoring - APC for power, temp, humility
  • Using Cacti, syslog-ng, Nagios and Ganglia
  • Problems
    • some gatekeeper crashes under heavy load; problem solved - related to XFS filesystem exporting NFS, # inodes
    • NFS server crashes - fewer of these
    • Accounting issues have been fixed
    • Large memory jobs


  • See slides


  • Tour of Egg - a generalized management framework that works well for Tier2 centers
  • Quickly add up spec-int's for all cores in the system
  • Examine PBS queues, gridmap file, etc.
  • Harvard starting up: 17 TB thumper; 10 servers
  • Tufts interested in Tier3


  • Added 23 dual quads 1950s; online and in production
  • Shared resources - sizeable Tier3 facility
    • Expand to use campus Condor pool - 750 cores
    • OSCER running, some probs w/ dg2_get, _put.


  • New machine coming online - 200 cores
  • Negotiating for 400 cores of Opteron 2220, 210/180 TB MD1000 + 7 PE2970 to finish FY07
  • Networking is biggest concern. SWT2 is off-campus, 1 GB/s
  • LEARN peering w/ I2 at 1G
  • Need to improve 50 MB/s to 100 MB/s
  • NLR and I2 boards are not working together; Peering in Houston the problem
  • Would prefer not to support interactive users


  • See slides
  • Negotiating thumpers w/ TB-sized disks
  • Will try to run Bestman SRM on XrootdFS - we need to follow-up w/ srm experts about client access
  • Issue - how to implement analysis queues in fair share environment
  • Need SRM to do load balancing
  • New GUMS v1.2 - one-to-one mapping
  • Need to upgrade DQ2 to 0.4.1
  • Network tuning - up to 800 Mbps in both directions - but not stable (competing traffic)
  • Will upgrade to 10 G link - January
  • Plan to evaluate Terapaths and QoS
  • Performance - utilization is less than 200 on average - related to lack of input datasets.
  • Good news is less useless debugging after moving to PandaMover

Facility Planning (Michael)

  • Scope - next 6 months
  • Analysis at Tier2 centers - high priority
    • December 15 Site configuration by admins
    • AOD replication, Q's: how much space is needed, need to decide which datasets. Must be complete by December 31. Who makes decisions on datasets: physics coordinators and usage patterns. Kaushi will consult Alexei. Jim will talk w/ physics coordinators, report back to Kaushik, Alexei, Michael, Facility.
  • Interactive analysis
    • BNL PROOF farm - for tests, completed by Jan 31 Ofer Rind
    • BNL PROOF farm into production, multi-user mode: March 31
    • Tier2 PROOF farms available?
      • Action item - plan for setting this up - as part of interation program. June 30. Plan to be delivered: end of January. Bruce, Ofer, Patrick, Sergey, Rob
  • Support setting up of Tier3's
    • Immediately, on-going. Doug/Duke, UTD/Justin, ... Need to contact Tier3's.
  • Evaluate pinning SRM v2.2
    • How important is space reservation? Gabriele: totally linked.
    • Must do this on a short timescale - Gabriele: plan by December 31
  • Develop and deploy software necessary to manage pinned files. To be integrated into DQ2
  • Disk space reconfiguration according to the computing model
    • Kaushik - we need disk-only areas. Proactively have our own plan.
  • Development and deployment of disk-only management tools: what are the needs?
    • Available space and usage. Kaushik will provide a bulleted list of requirements appropriate for Panda
  • LFC
    • Test system deployed by 31 December John, production ready by 31 January.
    • Migration by end February.
  • US ATLAS data management
    • Storage quota system US ATLAS wide - to be handled within DQ2 - to bring up w/ Massimo
    • Data deletion system - Need to collect capabilties, report to DDM operations Alexei
    • Complete DQ2 lost file tagging Kaushik will bring this to Operations
  • Jim Develop policy for Tier3 data, to be discussed at RAC
  • Jim Need a model for lifetime management of AOD, ESD, DPD's at site.
  • Incident tracking and communication, Elog deployed and operational, Mark complete by December 15
  • Performance
    • Average 90% efficiency of 2007 WLCG pledge; important for funding agencies to review
  • Many other issues not covered here.

Next meeting

  • US ATLAS Tier2/Tier3, jointly w/ OSG all-hands at RENCI / North Carolina, March 3-5, March 2008
    • Propose US ATLAS talks in the plenary session
    • Format - TBD
  • US ATLAS Tier2/Tier3, last week of May 2008 - location: Ann Arbor

-- RobertGardner - 30 Nov 2007

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