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  • Background: _As discussed during the facilities meeting yesterday, we will have a special meeting dedicated to SRM V2.2 issues.
  • Coordinates: Friday, 4/18, 11:00am Eastern, Phone: (605) 475-6000, Access code: 735188, Dial "*6" to mute/un-mute* (PLEASE mute when not speaking, thanks!)
  • Attending: John Brunelle, Wei, Paul, Bob, Rob, Charles, Marco, Shawn, Kaushik, We=njing, Tadashi, Wensheng, Michael, Hiro

Experience with SRM V2.2 at AGLT2

  • Started transition. AGLT_SRM site was defined in ToA already. Had been using this for ntuple and AODs. (Will transition this to ATLASDATADISK).
  • Had been using 20TB gridftp endpoint AGLT2 readonly.
  • New location in dCache - high performance storage pools. ATLASMCDISK area brought up with space tokesn - plan was to migrate the gridftp data. Wenjing used srmcp.
  • Afterwards would update LRC. And change the replica location in central catalogs - to use AGLT2_SRM from AGLT2.
  • MIgration time was long - srmcp picky and slow.
  • There was also a network problem as well - subnets at BNL not available.
  • Right now everything is pointing to an srm v2.2 compliant area, but without space tokens.
  • 100K files. uses srmcp and a list. during the copy srmcp would get "reset" every 7K files. gridftp server to one of 4 pools, so performance was good. failures could be recovered, but by hand. for the transfers - FTS may be used, though did not
  • Change site location in central catalogs. dq2-register-replica for datasets. dq2-delete-replicas to delete the old site registration.
  • PANDA will monitor only ATLASMCDISK.
  • For moving outputs - need to use a space-token-aware command.
  • Paul - pilot can only use lcg-cp site mover for space tokens.
  • glite 3.1.


  • Migration issues to ATLASMCDISK and ATLASDATADISK - re-subscribe data?
  • Keep the old site? Tadashi thinks Panda can handle this - both locations kept in the SE list. Gradual migration. Since all sites are using a single LRC, shouldn't be a problem.

Data migration issues

  • Discussed gradual migration.
  • No data presently needs to go into ATLASMCDISK.

Pilot/Panda issues

  • PandaMover will need to be fixed.
  • For reading, you can continue to use dccp.
  • PandaMover for xrootd - Wei can provide a tool, to avoid an srm interface and write directly.
  • In pilot3, there are two movers for reading and writing.
  • Paul - there are possible conflicts due to regional hard-coded settings.
  • Charles would like to review the lcg-cp dependencies.

Plans/schedule for completion of all T2 migration by April 25th

  • All comfortable with gradual migration
  • Sites setup atlasmcdisk, atlasdatadisk.
  • Sites should let panda team know when the migration is ready. Need to make switch in site services.
  • Panda mover needs to updated for space tokens.
  • Target - have endpoints ready by April 25.
  • But, need to get lcg-cp and panda mover and panda data mover changes.
  • glite-url-copy, deprecated.

Aside - pilot2/pilot3

  • Would like to switch to pilot3 for every site.
  • Since condor-g probs resolved, now ready to switch
  • aglt2, swt2, ou, slac running pilot3
  • mw, ne need to make switch
  • Torre needs to setup site in pilot3
  • pilot2/pilot3 jobs can run simultaneously.
  • What about ATLASENDUSER? Yes, set this one up too - where Pathena.


-- RobertGardner - 18 Apr 2008

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