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Meeting to discuss RSV probe reporting and Nagios integration.

RSV to US ATLAS Nagios

  • Arvind thinks best way is to push data from RSV to BNL.
  • There is a GMS publish script provided by James Casey. Is used by the WLCG SAM instance.
  • Getting data to BNL menas there are firewall issues; proposal was to put a middle=man Mysql server to publish RSV data to.
  • Tomasz would prefer that OSG publish data in a web-visible area, that can be parsed remotely.
  • RSV team would like to limit the number of publishing methods.
  • John: ATLAS would like to pull rather than push. For pushing, more infrastructure is required on the receiving end.
  • RSV team is concerned about about the policy issues.
  • Arvind: what is needed is a common format specification and common authentication sytem.
  • Regarding the format - we might follow XML exchange format standard from WLCG.
  • Regarding policy, Rob Q will write a policy document for RSV probes and will request comment.
  • Can we make progress with non-sensitive probes? (All the ATLAS monitoring information at the moment is non-sensitive, publically visible)
  • RSV team will discuss and will try to provide a pull-method interim solution w/ non-senstive data.

Site level RSV to Nagios

  • The RSV team has already been working w/ WLCG on this approach. There's a development version running by James Casey. There's also discussion about how to set this up at the site level, but the configuration is difficult. Arvind will forward a url.
  • Tomasz has done something similar. Use passive monitoring feature of Nagios. The RSV probe has a wrapper that has an http client which allows it to upload the RSV probe result to Nagios. Tomasz will re-circulate his mail w/ code, etc.
  • The RSV team will be evaluating both approaches as part of their RSV 2.0 work plan.
  • Rob Q notes there will be Nagios development to replace current gridscan/VORS functionality at the GOC.


-- RobertGardner - 21 Dec 2007

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