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Minutes of the Facilities Integration Program meeting, July 30, 2008
  • Previous meetings and background : IntegrationProgram
  • Coordinates: Wednesdays, 1:00pm Eastern
    • Phone: (605) 475-6000, Access code: 735188; Dial *6 to mute/un-mute.


  • Meeting attendees:
  • Apologies: Rob
  • Guests: none

Integration program update (Michael)

  • Overarching near term goals:
    • Complete the benchmarks of 200 MB/s sustained disk-to-disk throughput to all Tier2s
    • FDR2: data replication and analysis queues DONE
    • OSG 1.0 deployed DONE - nearly complete
    • LFC evaluation and deployment strategy complete on-going
    • WLCG - SAM/RSV, reliability availability metrics for CE and SE reporting >80% for all sites.
    • Provisioning of capacities according to pledges on track for September 15 2008 deployment.
    • Network performance monitoring infrastructure deployed.
    • Revision to the Tier 3 white paper, and a reference Tier 3 facility defined.
    • Analysis benchmarks demonstrated at increasing scale (100/200/500/1000 simultaneous jobs) at all Tier 2 facilities.

Next procurements

  • Standing agenda item, see CapacitySummary.
  • Follow-up on Dell storage offering.

Internet2 monitoring host

  • We received specifications from Rich - no pricing as of yet.
  • Was an action item for Rob to get a quote for a system from Koi Computers. (specs sent)

Follow-up issues

  • Storage capacity recommendations/guidance for the Facility (320 TB capacity, from Kaushik's model on MinutesJune11).
  • Revised WLCG pledges - need info by July 15. Action item for Rob (not done!)

Operations overview: Production (Kaushik)

Shift report

Analysis queues, FDR analysis (Nurcan)

  • A wiki page was setup to show the online/offline status of the US pathena analysis queues as well as their availability for various athena releases/packages, see the page at PathenaAnalysisQueues.

RSV and WLCG SAM (Fred)

Operations: DDM (Hiro and/or Alexei)

LFC migration (John)

  • SubCommitteeLFC
  • Committee has not met for a while - any update on LFC + Panda development testbed?

wlcg-client (Marco)

  • There is a new version which handles protocols correctly for SRM endpoints.

OSG 1.0

Site news and issues (all sites)

  • T1:
  • AGLT2:
  • NET2:
  • MWT2:
  • SWT2 (UTA):
  • SWT2 (OU):
  • WT2:

Carryover issues (any updates?)

Pilot upgrade for space tokens (Kaushik (Paul))

  • Update from Shawn. lcg-cp working; still need to work on registration. Carry-over

Release installation via Pacballs (Xin)

  • Need to follow-up.

Throughput initiative - status (Shawn)

SRM v2 and Space Tokens (Kaushik)

  • Follow-up issue of atlas versus usatlas role.
  • The issue for dCache space token controlled spaces supporting multiple roles is still open.
  • For the moment, the production role in use for US production remains usatlas, but this may change to get around this problem.

User LRC deletion (Charles)

  • Data deletion tool still under development/testing.

WLCG accounting


  • none

-- RobertGardner - 29 Jul 2008

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