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Minutes of the Facilities Integration Program meeting, June 6, 2007
  • Last meeting: First in series.
  • Previous meetings: IntegrationProgram
  • Coordinates: 1:00pm Eastern, 1-510-665-5437 #24743


  • Meeting attendees: tbd
  • Apologies: none


Last week's action items

  • Tomasz will consult local experts for off-site Nagios console access:
  • Tomasz will take first steps towards creating a Nagios plugins respository:
  • All: sites to upgrade syslog-ng installation: in progress
  • Develop load tests requirements and agenda (for LoadTestsP1) - Michael, Rob: done
  • Develop DQ2 0.3 deployment plan for US ATLAS facilities - Michael, Rob, Alexei:
  • All sites: continue with OSG 0.6 installations as time permits: in progress, see below
  • All sites: check off actions taken in SiteCertificationP1
  • Follow-up on AOD replication question about archival bit not being set - Hiro, Michael

This week's focus: Load tests project (Jay)

OSG 0.6 deployment update

  • See OSGservicesP1
  • Site status
    • BU
    • BNL
    • MWT2_IU
    • MWT2_UC
    • UC_ATLAS_MWT2 - done
    • UC_Teraport
    • OU - upgraded OSCER; holding off on the _SWT2 cluster: July 5.
    • SLACXRD - before T2 meeting
    • UTA

Logging: Syslog-ng upgrade


Summary of Actions

-- RobertGardner - 12 Jun 2007

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