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DDM logfile forwarding

The syslog-ng logging infrastructure is used to forward logging information to central logging hosts for troubleshooting. We collect, for DQ2 0.2.12:
  • The subscriptions.log file from each DQ2 site.
  • FTS logfile from the central server at BNL. To be done.

This version is based on VDT 1.7.0.


Install syslog-ng from the VDT on your DQ2 site services host to forward DQ2 logging data to the DDM logging host, http://ddm-log.uchicago.edu/.

Previous twiki instructions


Configuration for a DQ2 0.2.12 site service

  • # source $VDT_LOCATION/setup.sh
  • # cd $VDT_LOCATION/vdt/setup
  • # ./configure_syslog_ng --server y
  • # ./configure_syslog_ng --central-host ddm-log.uchicago.edu:5142
  • # ./configure_syslog_ng --add-source "dq2 /opt/dq2/config/UC/subscriptions.log"
  • changed log_socket_directory to $VDT_LOCATION/syslog-ng/etc/
  • change pid_file_location to a directory where the daemon user has read and write privileges. (e.g. /opt/vtb-1.7.0/syslog-ng/etc/injectors.pid)
  • Edited /etc/crontab with:
*/10 * * * * $VDT_LOCATION/syslog-ng/bin/syslog_injector.py -c $VDT_LOCATION/syslog_ng/etc/log_settings.ini -t 

FTS logging

For FTS logging, to the same as above, except define the source as:

  • # ./configure_syslog_ng --add-source "fts   /full-path-to-FTS-logfile "


  • Finally, running vdt-control --on should start the syslog-ng process and start sending log information to the central server. This is install the init.d scripts and start the syslog-ng service. Running vdt-control --off will remove the init.d scripts. Once vdt-control --on is run you can use the standard service or chkconfig commands with the syslog-ng service.


  • Sent test message across to ddm-log.uchicago.edu:
  • Seeing dq2 subscriptions.log file output arrives. Email Rob to verify. DONE
  • Optionally, you might have luck with seeing it appear in Splunk. Go to http://ddm-log.uchicago.edu:8000/ and login as user ddm with the usual atlas password.

-- RobertGardner - 10 May 2007 -- RobertGardner - 25 Jun 2007

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