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These tests should be a simple as possble.

Unit test: LAN transfers

  • Establish local I/O performance metrics for production and analysis jobs
  • Eg. copies from local SE to WN scratch

Unit test: site-to-site gsi

  • Through a single gridftp server: throughput MB/s

Unit test: site-to-site srm

  • Show capabilities in terms of numbers of simultaneous transfers

Job robot (as an example from CMS)

  • Uses entire chain
  • Uses OSG gatekeeper, AOD
  • Probes instrumented by Monalisa
  • States reported back to a central server
  • Collected by an ARDA dashboard

Sustained transfer load test

  • Star configuration to start
  • Pair-wise sites between distributed Tier2s

Site availability tests

  • Test suite based on existing tools - grid and dq2 services
  • Local site admins must be able to execute these tests, in addition to global service.
  • Information about cause of failures

-- RobertGardner - 10 May 2007

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