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Present: shuwei, horst, chris, saul, bob, wei, rob, shawn

We want to come up with advice for sites. Which of the configurations we've considered can we recommend? Only blade servers and Dell R620 are fully fleshed. 10Gb NICs on R620 seem overly expensive, but AGLT2 got a good deal for the blade servers, and it required only the single (two, really) uplinks to an S4810 to run.

$200 for SFP+ card, plus switch port at $100 each on S4810 plus SFP+ cables.

BNL storage server failure was a controller failure, no other info available

Saul plans -- Probably get a C6200 quote as they have a large number of C6100 now. 8 physical cores (Sandybridge) perform better than 6 core variants.

Local site preferences for models are an important consideration.

So, it seems the recommendations should be: 8 physical cores per chip multiple spindles to meet storage requirements. 3GB/logical core Tell rep what target price should be Maintain >20GB/logical core on as many spindles (RAID-0) as possible.

Some interest within Dell in reviving the LHC Portal, but until now it has only been shrinking. Now down to about 12 items, only one server.

S4810 at $8517 plus warranties -> $10.5k (5yr, next day). Get cables in quantity with switch.

Can we ask Dell to come up with a price on some stock R620 and blade systems for USATLAS?

Plan: put together base-line configs, iterate them among ourselves, then approach local Dell reps for quotes, telling them we will share among ourselves to push for the best prices.

Shawn will sit with Bob to put together the initial config to send out.

-- RobertBall - 26 Jul 2013

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