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  • Place here anticipated hardware upgrade activities anticipated during this quarter (Oct 1 - Dec 31, 2012)
  • Update SiteCertificationP23 with progress, as appropriate.
  • At the end of the quarter we will update the US ATLAS Facility spreadsheet with newly deployed storage and compute resources (c.f. CapacitySummary).
  • Previously, FabricUpgradeP22


last phase:
  • Procurement for a 2.7 PB (raw, ~2.2.PB usable) Storage System is underway. The system consists of five Nexsan E60 dual controller disk storage systems and ten E60 expansion systems. Each of the five E60's will have two E60 expansion chassis attached. All systems will be fully populated with 3TB disk drives (ninehundred disks for a total of 2,700TB). The storage system will be put behind existing server frontends, the latter connected to the network at 20 Gbps each.

this phase:


last phase:
  • One storage server each at UM and MSU, consisting of
    • R720, 2xMD3260, 2xMD3060e
    • The storage consists of 4U units containing 60, 3TB disks each
    • MSU will purchase an additional R720 and split the storage between the two units
  • Additional shelves for existing storage servers
  • Expect total gain of about 1.1PB of usable storage
this phase:
  • Still integrating storage purchases from last quarter, all of which have now been delivered
  • No further purchases expected for this phase.


last phase:
  • Planning purchase of approximately 1 PB during this phase between UC and IU. UIUC will add 25 compute servers to its campus cluster, plus about 300 TB.
  • At UC, orders have been placed for 1080 TB (usable) plus an 10g switch
  • As of end of quarter, orders are being prepared for IU and UIUC procurements.
  • Electrical work ordered for UC's server room for two new racks of UPS power.
this phase:


last phase:
  • Preparing for two new storage racks (r710/720/610 + md1200 3TB drives) to be ordered ASAP
  • Electrical work in machine room and configuration with Dell
this phase:


last phase:
  • UTA: Installed 480TB storage at SWT2_CPB
  • OU: ordered 160 TB DDN storage
this phase:


last phase:
  • 6 R610 + 44 MD1200 w/ 3TB drives
this phase:

-- RobertGardner - 28 Nov 2012

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