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Deployment (procurement, installation, testing, integration) of storage and compute server upgrades at each site during this phase of the IntegrationProgram. See also:

Site procurements

Tier 1


  • Installed ~ 8000 HEPSPEC06 and ~400TB of disk space. An additional ~1800HS06 in worker nodes is purchased (a full Dell M100e blade chassis), but equipment will not be installed and operating until next quarter because of a lack of IP address space.
  • An additional purchase at MSU of storage headnodes and disk shelves (perhaps 5-9 MD1000 w/2TB disks) is still under consideration.


  • Storage upgrade; MWT2 will likely procure ~700 TB of storage (Systems: (6) Dell R710 + MD1000 shelves with 2 TB drives)



  • SWT2_CPB - Purchased 200TB of usable disk space. Installation expected in early December
  • UTA_SWT2 - Replacing 16TB DDN/Ibrix based storage with 39TB Xrootd system (3xR610 + 3 MD1000 shelves). Purchased 35 R410 nodes to replace aging equipment. Installation expected in early December.


  • 160TB usable space (5 Thors) added to service as of 2009-11-19


-- RobertGardner - 10 Nov 2009

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