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Expansion of Storage and Data Management Services


Using the opportunity created by SC4, we'll attempt to integrate Storage and Data Management Services, at the Tier1 and Tier2 sites, under a coherent control system using DQ2, FTS and various SRM implementations. The objectives are:

  • Demonstrating the ability to manage data through DQ specific tools
  • Demonstrating the ability to integrate data storage and data management services over all the USATLAS sites
  • Demonstrating the ability to effectively use storage resources via an SRM interface
  • Accelerating the deployment of major components of infrastructure and making them available to production activities
  • Assessing the scalability of current solutions and obtaining early information about potential bottlenecks
  • World Peace

dCache Deployment


The focus of this upgrade is to setup a scalable infrastructure for a production quality dCache system, which later can be expanded, function of need and availability of resources. While the initial deployment might be minimal it is important to avoid wasting effort by keeping the configuration as realistic as possible and by providing a set of reliable core services. The latter will be leveraged during the expansion of the system, by only adding storage nodes and door servers.

Proposed initial configuration

Requires two dedicated machines in addition to one pool server:

  1. First server will host the dCache core services: PNFS, Admin, PoolManager, etc.
    • Minimal Requirements: ... to be added
  2. Second server will host the doors: SRM, GSIFTP, DCAP, etc.
    • Minimal Requirements: ... to be added
  3. Pool/Storage server: Min. 1TB usable storage space

Future upgrades

Depending on storage space needs the site will add Pool (storage) Servers and function of required bandwidth it will complement it with additional Door Servers.


  1. Yesterday:
    • Publish the list of software requirements -- Jane, Iris
    • Define the web location of the Integrated dCache Support Web Site, ... so we know where to concentrate the document authoring -- All
    • Identify and publish the list of site contacts/administrators -- Site managers

-- RazvanPopescu - 23 May 2006

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