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Previous phases:

In this phase:

  • Complete testing of DQ2 0.4 on the DDMIntegrationTB (BNLDISK, UTA test sites): Oct 12
  • Deployment of DQ2 0.4 on the full US ATLAS production facility: Oct 27


  • 10/16/07: DQ2 0.4 released
  • Instructions for OSG 0.4: http://dashb-build.cern.ch/ddm/build/stable/doc/guides/dq2-siteservices/html/admin/
    • See "Upgrade from a 0.3.x" section
  • Summary of changes (Miguel):
    • new database interactions, coping with much larger queues of files to transfer
    • new channel allocation mechanism, more closely following the ATLAS
    • Computing Model
      • better retrial policy
      • working fair shares for high-priority transfers
      • better error handling for failed connections to DQ2 central catalogues, local file catalogues and FTS service
      • new dataset 'broken' state to avoid piling up of bad datasets in the system

Deployment process in US ATLAS

  • Complete testing at BNL and UTA - wait for reports of OK from Hiro and Patrick
  • Schedule of sites:
    • Week of Oct 15: BNL, UTA into production; AGLT2 (fair share test)
    • Week of Oct 25: BU, SWT2, MWT2, WT2
  • During installation, send questions to atlas-dq2-support@cern.ch with cc to usatlas-ddm-l@lists.bnl.gov.
  • For any bugs that are found, Miguel asks that we submit them to Savannah: https://savannah.cern.ch/projects/atlas-ddm/.
  • Deployment recommendation (need to examine this):
    • Separate hosts for file catalog, site services catalog (queues), fetcher agents

Installation progress and issues

  • See also https://lists.bnl.gov/pipermail/usatlas-ddm-l/ archives.
  • 10/03/07: test installations at BNLDISK and UTA
  • 10/17/07: AGLT2 completed upgrade/install of DQ2 0.4. Minor documentation quibbles. Be sure you don't have the ls command aliased to include any color output! (or make sure you are using "--color=auto", not "--color=y")
    • Note that Alexei tested the fair-share capability from BNL to AGLT2 and it worked (he "checked-off" on other Tier-2's installing this version)
  • 10/31/07: SLAC complete
  • 10/31/07: BU complete
  • 11/04: IU complete
  • 11/05: UC complete

Upgrade to DQ2 0.4.1

Upgrade to DQ2 0.5.1

  • Announced 12/12/07 - see instructions from Miguel's email.
  • As sites upgrade, please flag the site as complete in SiteCertificationP3.
  • 12/18/07: AGLT2 complete.

-- RobertGardner - 10 Oct 2007 -- RobertGardner - 30 Jan 2008

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