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Rob:  just for interest, here's a plot of how many jobs were in the
"transferring" state between the end of day yesterday and now.

I collected this data by checking the panda monitor from a shell
script (using lynx) and saving the data to a file

I plotted the file using "gnuplot" and am attaching the output
as a PDF.  Sorry about the x-axis labeling - there are no units
but this is just datapoints, taken about every 10 seconds, between
8PM yesterday (8/6) and 10AM this morning (8/7)

The plot looks like a bunch of upward ramps punctuated by sharp
drop-offs (when FTS decides that a transfer or set of transfers
has succeeded).   The overall slope is downward, but each segment
has upwards slope.

There are still 1649 files in the 'transferring' state at MWT2_IU
but this is down from the high of over 1800 yesterday.... it is
coming down but I don't know if it is coming down fast enough or
if perhaps we still have a problem (eg, slow transfers)

Number of files transferring out of IU_ATLAS_Tier2 is down to 200,
from over 300 yesterday, but again I don't know if this is enough
of a change, if we are clearing the backlog quickly enough.

Our failure percentages our down, according to the PANDA monitor,
MWT2_IU now only has a failure rate of 1%, as compared to 6% at

                - Charles

-- RobertGardner - 08 Aug 2007

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