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Analysis benchmarks of various types, and at various scales. The benchmarks defined here are performed on each Tier 2 facility and noted in the the SiteCertificationP6.
  • standard means a standard pathena job defined by a specific release, application, and input dataset.
    • D3DP making jobs with release 14.2.20
    • Run on a FDR2 container dataset, jamboree08_run2.0052280.physics_Egamma.merge.AOD.o3_f8_m10/
  • suite means a package of templated jobs of various types, used to validate functionality of the analysis queues.
    • D3DP making jobs
    • AODtoDPD making jobs
    • TAG selection jobs
    • ARA jobs

Analysis Benchmark 1

  • Code: standard
  • Submission scale: 100 jobs

Analysis Benchmark 2

  • Code: standard
  • Submission scale: 200 jobs

Analysis Benchmark 3

  • Code: standard
  • Submission scale: 400 jobs

Analysis Benchmark 4

  • Code: functional suite
  • Submission scale: 100 jobs of each type

-- RobertGardner - 20 Aug 2008

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