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DQ2 0.3 
   - Services for LCG sites are stopped. Developers debugging new version.
     It will fix the problem with loading. As soon as it will be debugged 
     it will be provided to Hiro.
   - List of questions concerning DQ2 client and DQ2 API is sent to 
      - very often the returned information is incorrect 
          f.e. dataset location list is empty, though there are registered 
      - some new errors (Pedro thought it is related to multi-threading) 
        have been observed
Functional test
    - the description of test scope and schedule was sent today to 
      ddm operations and us-ddm-l
    - if the problem with LCG VO boxes will be fixed, the test will be  
      started  Aug 3rd, otherwise it will be postponed for 1 week
    - the preliminary list of sites is available from DDM ops WiKi
    - I assume all US T2s will participate
AOD replication
    I asked Tadashi, since last week Panda uses 'production' DQ2 share, 
    the 'default' one is used for AOD distribution

Test bed
     Kors supports idea to have DDM/DQ2 test bed
     1-2 computers will be dedicated at CERN to serve as central and 
     regional VO boxes. 

-- RobertGardner - 01 Aug 2007

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