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US ATLAS Distributed Facility Support Center

Facilities Integration Program

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Tier2 Program Planning

US ATLAS Support Ticket System

The OSG/LCG grid administrator (of Tier 1 and Tier 2 clusters) should be responsible to follow up with tickets with the same ownership as their site. The content of tickets can be: reporting a problem, requesting a change and adding more features. Each ticket is associated with different priorities. The responsible site administrator needs to follow up the ticket in a timely fashion and try to resolve the ticket, and then close it. Each update to the ticket will trigger an email sent to the ticket requester, ticket owner and other persons assigned this ticket category.

Ticket Responsibility:

When an administrator receives an email regarding a support ticket, he/she should click on the Web link which takes him/her to the US ATLAS ticket system. Before you view the ticket, you will be prompted to input your US ATLAS computing account name and password. For forgotten passwords or other RT account issues, please open a ticket in the Accounts queue.

When you work on a ticket, you are responsible to provide the status update through the ticket system until the ticket is closed: inform the user of the cause of the problems, and your proposed solutions. Each update on the ticket will be emailed to the ticket requester. If the requester replies to the email with more questions or information (the ticket system can right now not allow a non-user to access the ticket, we are working on solutions so that a user should be able to follow up with his/her ticket), the ticket assignees should be responsible to post it onto the ticket system.

Each type of ticket has a primary owner and several assignees. If a assignee finds that ticket can be handled by him/her, he can take the ownership, process the ticket and close it. By doing this, we can avoid single point failure.

If the ticket is improperly assigned to you, you need to go to the ticket system to re-assign the ticket to the new responsible person by changing the ticket's problem type and/or choosing new owner. Then you pass along the responsibility.

Step by Step: Using the Ticket System

1. Request a BNL user account, and a US ATLAS computing account. See:


2. Once you have a US ATLAS computing account, log into the RACF RT web interface and click on the appropriate queue(s).

3. It may be necessary to add new user accounts to specific RT queues. If this is necessary, please open a ticket in the TicketSystem queue with any relevant information for adding your account to the list of users that can administer that specific queue (name, account name, institution, experiment contact or sponsor).

Ticket System

For more information and documentation: https://www.racf.bnl.gov/docs/rt

BNL HyperNews Forum

See the HyperNews Interface and HyperNews account and user information.

Tier 2 Software Installation

Tier 2 Usage Policy

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Computing Facility Usage Policy

Tier2 Site Web Pages

Tier 3 Sites

Service and Process Documentation

SL6 Migration

Grid Certificates



About This Site

Please note that this site is a content mirror of the BNL US ATLAS TWiki. To edit the content of this page, click the Edit this page button at the top of the page and log in with your US ATLAS computing account name and password.


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