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Wysiwyg Plugin

Translator framework for Wysiwyg editors

Support for the integration of WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editors. On its own, the only thing this plugin gives you is a stand-alone HTML to TWiki translator script. For WYSIWYG editing in TWiki, you will also need to install a specific editor package such as TWiki:Plugins.KupuEditorContrib or TWiki:Plugins.WikiwygContrib.

This plugin provides a generic framework that supports editing of TWiki topics using any browser-based HTML editor. It works by transforming TML (TWiki Meta Language) into HTML for the editor, and then transforming HTML back into TML on save.


  • Supports the input of malformed HTML
  • Full round-trip (TML -> XHTML -> TWiki syntax)
  • Framework is editor-agnostic


What's in the package

The package includes the following pieces:
  • TML (TWiki syntax) to HTML translator
  • HTML to TML translator (with stand-alone script)
  • Generic TWiki plugin for automating the translation during editing

How it works

The plugin works by translating the topic text into HTML when someone edits a topic. The HTML is then fed to the WYSIWYG editor. On save, the edited HTML is run through the reverse translation before saving to the topic. TWiki syntax is used in preference to HTML in the stored topic wherever possible, though HTML may be used if the translator can't find a suitable TML equivalent..

The default rendering that TWiki uses to generate HTML for display in browsers is 'lossy' - information in the TWiki syntax is lost in the HTML output, and a round-trip (recovering the original TWiki syntax from the HTML) is impossible. To solve this problem the plugin instead uses its own translation of TWiki syntax to XHTML. The generated XHTML is annotated with CSS classes that support the accurate recovery of the original TWiki syntax.

Before you ask the obvious question, yes, the translator could be used to replace the TWiki rendering pipeline for generating HTML pages. In fact, the translator is taken almost directly from the implementation of the rendering pipeline for the TWiki-4 release

Translation of the HTML back to TWiki syntax uses the CPAN:HTML::Parser. This parser is used in preference to a more modern XML parser, because the WYSIWYG editor may not generate fully compliant XHTML. A strict parser would risk losing content. CPAN:HTML::Parser is better at handling malformed HTML.

There is also the advantage that the translator can be used to import HTML from other sources - for example, existing web pages. Due to the simple nature of TWiki syntax and the potential complexity of web pages, this translation is often lossy - i.e there will be HTML features that can be entered by editors that will be lost in this translation step. This is especially noticeable with HTML tables.

Using the translators from Perl scripts

Both translators can be used directly from Perl scripts, for example to build your own stand-alone translators.

A stand-alone convertor script for HTML to TWiki is included in the installation. It can be found in tools/html2tml.pl.

Integrating a HTML Editor

The plugin can be used to integrate an HTML editor in a number of different ways.
  1. The HTML for the content-to-be-edited can be generated directly in the standard edit template.
  2. The HTML for the content-to-be-edited can be generated directly in a specialised edit template.
  3. A URL can be used to fetch the content-to-be-edited from the server, for use in an IFRAME.
  4. REST handlers can be called from Javacript to convert content.

Generating content directly in the standard edit template

This is the technique used by WYSIWYG editors that can sit on top of HTML textareas, such as TinyMCE. The topic content is pre-converted to HTML before inclusion in the standard edit template. These editors use plugins that have a beforeEditHandler and an afterEditHandler. These handlers are responsible for the conversion of topic text to HTML, and post-conversion of HTML back to TML.
  1. User hits "edit".
  2. Editor-specific plugin beforeEditHandler converts topic content to HTML by calling TWiki::Plugins::WysiwygPlugin::TranslateTML2HTML.
  3. User edits and saves
  4. Editor-specific plugin afterEditHandler converts HTML back to TML by calling TWiki::Plugins::WysiwygPlugin::TranslateHTML2TML.
  • WysiwygPlugin should not be enabled in configure.
  • WYSIWYGPLUGIN_WYSIWYGSKIN should not be set.
  • Your plugin should set the textareas_hijacked context id, to signal to skins to suppress their textarea manipulation functions.
This is the recommended integration technique, if your editor can support it.

Generating content directly in a specialised edit template

This technique is useful when the editor requires the topic content in a variety of different formats at the same time. In this scenario the editor uses a custom edit template. The WYSIWYG content is made available for instantiation in that template in a number of different formats. WYSIWYGPLUGIN_WYSIWYGSKIN must be set for this to work.

The flow of control is as follows:

  1. User hits "edit" with the skin (or cover) set the same as WYSIWYGPLUGIN_WYSIWYGSKIN.
  2. The WysiwygPlugin beforeEditHandler determines if the topic is WYSIWYG editable, and vetos the edit if not by redirecting to the standard edit skin. the edit
  3. The edit template containing the JS editor is instantiated.
  4. The following variables are available for expansion in the template:
    • %WYSIWYG_TEXT% expands to the HTML of the content-to-be-edited. This is suitable for use in a textarea.
    • %JAVASCRIPT_TEXT% expands to the HTML of the content-to-be-edited in a javascript constant.
  5. User edits and saves
  6. The afterEditHandler in the WyswiygPlugin sees that wysiwyg_edit is set, which triggers the conversion back to TML.

  • The HTML form in the edit template must include an <input called wysiwyg_edit and set it to 1, to trigger the conversion from HTML back to TML.
  • WYSIWYGPLUGIN_WYSIWYGSKIN must be set to the name of the skin used for WYSIWYG editing. This is usually the name of the editor e.g. kupu.

Fetching content from a URL

In this scenario, the edit template is generated without the content-to-be-edited. The content is retrieved from the server using a URL e.g. from an IFRAME.

The flow of control is as follows:

  1. As Generating content directly in a specialised edit template
  2. As Generating content directly in a specialised edit template
  3. As Generating content directly in a specialised edit template
  4. When the document loads in the browser, the JS editor invokes a content URL (using an IFRAME or a XmlHttpRequest) to obtain the HTML document to be edited
    • The content URL is just a TWiki view URL with the wysiwyg_edit parameter set.
    • The WysiwygPlugin recognises the wysiwyg_edit parameter and uses the TML2HTML? translator to prepare the text, which is then returned as text/plain to the browser.
    • Two TWiki variables, %OWEB% and %OTOPIC%=, can be used in the content URL in the edit template to refer to the source topic for the content.
  5. After edit handling is as for Generating content directly in a specialised edit template

Other techniques

Asynchronous saves

Editors can use XmlHttpRequest to perform saves, by POSTing to the TWiki save script with the wysiwyg_edit parameter set to 1. This parameter tells the beforeSaveHandler in the WysiwygPlugin to convert the content back to TML. See TWikiScripts for details of the other parameters to the save script.

Once the save script has completed it responds with a redirect, either to an Oops page if the save failed, or to the appropriate post-save URL (usually a view). The editor must be ready to handle this redirect.

Handling Attachments

Attachment uploads can be handled by URL requests from the editor template to the TWiki upload script. The upload script normally redirects to the containing topic; a behaviour that you usually don't want in an editor! There are two ways to handle this:
  • If the uploads are done in an IFRAME or via XmlHttpRequest, then the 302 redirect at the end of the upload can simply be ignored.
  • You can pass noredirect to the upload script to suppress the redirect. In this case you will get a text/plain response of OK followed by a message if everything went well, or an error message if it did not.

REST handlers

If you are confident in Javascript you can use REST handlers with XmlHttpRequest to convert content from TML to HTML and back again.

The plugin defines the following REST handlers:


Converts the HTML text to TML. topic must be specified.


Converts the TML text to HTML. topic must be specified. The response is a text/plain page of converted content.

Plugin Installation Instructions

You do not need to install anything in the browser to use this extension. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the extension on the server where TWiki is running.

Like many other TWiki extensions, this module is shipped with a fully automatic installer script written using the BuildContrib.

  • If you have TWiki 4.2 or later, you can install from the configure interface (Go to Plugins->Find More Extensions)
  • If you have any problems, then you can still install manually from the command-line:
    1. Download one of the .zip or .tgz archives
    2. Unpack the archive in the root directory of your TWiki installation.
    3. Run the installer script ( perl <module>_installer )
    4. Run configure and enable the module, if it is a plugin.
    5. Repeat for any missing dependencies.
  • If you are still having problems, then instead of running the installer script:
    1. Make sure that the file permissions allow the webserver user to access all files.
    2. Check in any installed files that have existing ,v files in your existing install (take care not to lock the files when you check in)
    3. Manually edit LocalSite.cfg to set any configuration variables.

Plugin Configuration Settings

Translator control

The global TWiki Variable WYSIWYG_EXCLUDE can be set to make the plugin sensitive to what is in a topic, before allowing it to be edited. You can set it up to veto an edit if the topic contains:

  • html - HTML tags (e.g. <div>, not including <br>), or
  • variables - simple variables (e.g. %VAR%) or
  • calls - TWiki variables with parameters e.g. %VARIABLE{...}%
  • pre blocks (<pre>)
  • HTML comments (<!-- ... -->)
If the plugin detects an excluded construct in the topic, it will refuse to allow the edit and will redirect to the default editor.

If you excluded calls in WYSIWYG_EXCLUDE, you can still define a subset of TWiki variables that do not block edits. this is done in the global TWiki variable WYSIWYG_EDITABLE_CALLS, which should be a list of TWiki variable names separated by vertical bars, with no spaces, e.g: * Set WYSIWYG_EDITABLE_CALLS = COMMENT|CALENDAR|INCLUDE

You should set WYSIWYG_EXCLUDE and WYSIWYG_EDITABLE_CALLS in TWikiPreferences, or in WebPreferences for each web.

You can define the global variable WYSIWYGPLUGIN_STICKYBITS to stop the plugin from ever trying to convert specific HTML tags into HTML when certain specific attributes are present on the tag. This is most useful when you have styling or alignment information in tags that must be preserved.

This variable is used to tell the translator which attributes, when present on a tag, make it "stick" i.e. block conversion. For example, setting it to table=background,lang;tr=valign will stop the translator from trying to handle any table tag that has background or lang attributes, and any tr tag that has a valign attribute.

You can use perl regular expressions to match tag and attribute names, so .*=id,on.* will ensure that any tag with an on* event handler is kept as HTML.

The default setting for this variable is:


If you edit using the plain-text editor, you can use the <sticky>..</sticky> tags to delimit HTML (or TML) that you do not want to be WYSIWYG edited.

Implementors note if you are using your own before/after edit handlers, you can call TWiki::Plugins::WysiwygPlugin::isWysiwygEditable() to check these controls.

Known issues

Incompatible with "non-standard" syntax

WysiwygPlugin is incompatible with plugins that expand non-standard syntax e.g. TWiki:Plugins.MathModePlugin (WysiwygPlugin)

Plugins that extend the syntax using TWiki variables, such as %MYVARIABLE%, should work fine.

Overlapping styles

Because TWiki uses a "best guess" approach to some formatting, it allows overlapping of tags in a way forbidden by HTML, and it is impossible to guarantee 100% that formating in the original TWiki document will still be there when the same document is loaded and then saved through the WysiwygPlugin. The most obvious case of this is to do with styles. For example, the sentence
*bold _bold-italic* italic_
is legal in TML, but in HTML is represented by
<strong>bold <em>bold-italic</em></strong> <em>italic</em>
which gets translated back to TML as
*bold _bold-italic_* _italic_
which is correct by construction, but does not render correctly in TWiki. This problem is unfortunately unavoidable due to the way TWiki syntax works.

Plugin Info

This plugin is brought to you by a WikiRing partner - working together to improve your wiki experience!

Many thanks to the following sponsors for supporting this work:

Plugin Authors: TWiki:Main.CrawfordCurrie http://www.c-dot.co.uk
Copyright © ILOG 2005 http://www.ilog.fr
License GPL (Gnu General Public License)
Plugin Version: 15536 (08 Nov 2007)
Change History:  
8 Nov 2007 Bugs:Item4923: fixed blocking of table conversion due to empty attributes Bugs:Item4936: An em embedded in an em was getting eaten Bugs:Item4817: added typewriter text button Bugs:Item4850: added font colour controls
2 Nov 2007 Bugs:Item4903: corrected over-enthusiastive interpretation of ! as an escape
21 Oct 2007 Bugs:Item4788: fixed unbalanced protect, which could cause loss of protected status Bugs:Item4811: noautolink looks like an HTML construct but in fact is not; the tag is infact an "on-off" switch and does not imply any HTML structure, so cannot be converted to a DIV or a span, so has to be removed. Bugs:Item4747: added <sticky> to try to overcome limitations in translation Bugs:Item4831: added increased flexibility in deciding what HTML get converted to TML, and what does not. Analysed all the HTML4 tags to establish initial settings. Bugs:Item4847: don't call non-existent function with older HTML::Parser releases Bugs:Item4844: Saving a table from IE didn't convert it back to TML Bugs:Item4855: table rows generated from TWiki variables were being eaten
6 Oct 2007 Bugs:Item4700: fixed colspans Bugs:Item4701: removed extra line between %TABLE and the table Bugs:Item4705: fixed spacing around literal and verbatim blocks Bugs:Item4706: merge adjacent verbatim blocks separated only by whitespace Bugs:Item4712: fixed eating of noautolink and literal Bugs:Item4763: list items spanning multiple lines fixed Bugs:Item4867: released tml2html
17 Sep 2007 Bugs:Item4647: Bugs:Item4652: problems related to DIV fixed. Bugs:Item4653: fixed multi-line twiki variables
16 Sep 2007 Bugs:Item4630: polished up the way the secret string is done, to ensure synch between perl and JS. Item4622: added UTF-8 handling steps that fixup malformed UTF8 strings before presenting them to the editor (saves Moz) and stops the editor passing them back to TWiki (saves IE). Removed extra entity decoding steps that were causing problems. Bugs:Item4629: fixed issues with verbatim, highlighted by previous mangling of this topic
13 Sep 2007 Bugs:Item4613 cleaned up spurious message when navigating away Bugs:Item4615 fixed incorrect rendering of emphasis next to br
12 Sep 2007 Bugs:Item4604 Fixes to REST handler, and add ability to trigger HTML2TML? conversion from a content comment alone (required for some editors) Bugs:Item4588 fixes to conversion of double-character emphases
7 Sep 2007 Bugs:Item4503 excess empty lines Bugs:Item4486 no toc headers with unofficial syntax Bugs:Item4560: empty lines lost Bugs:Item4566: corrupted table on save Bugs:Item4550 section tags being eaten
4 Sep 2007 Bugs:Item4534 Bugs:Item4535 fixed
14679 Bugs:Item4481 Bugs:Item4524 fixed
14668 Bugfixes and refinements done as part of 4.2 release
14585 Bugs:Item4435 - further fixes to newlines; this time to remove excess BRs
14548 Bugs:Item4453 - noautolink was breaking lists
14541 Support for entry of TML constructs such as Set
14538 Extensive rewrite to remove a lot of the "clever bits" that try to be too smart with TML and HTML embedded in the topic. By simply passing that through as editable text, we defer to the client side the choice of doing something clever with it, which makes the whole editing experience an awful lot better.
13701 Made use of HTML::Entities optional; fixed encoding problem with nbsp on IE; Bugs:Item1742 support for simultaneous edits (post edit merge)
12422 Added JAVASCRIPT_TEXT to support editors that require topic text in a JS var
12161 Added support for embedded editable HTML in the edit template
12119 Split into WysiwygPlugin and KupuContrib
11538 Minor doc updates, minor fixes to spacing in lists, integrated Koen Marten's template topic patch
9671 Bugs:Item2025: corrected handling of SPAN and FONT tags used for colour changes
9566 Bugs:Item1890: doc update
9565 Bugs:Item1890: Bugs:Item1041: Bugs:Item944: Much more aggressive cleanup of HTML pasted in from external sources. Excessively verbose HTML (e.g. from Outlook) was causing apparent infinite looing behaviour.
8867 Bugs:Item1176: commented out Cairo version of header handler
8780 Bugs:Item1625: disable expansion of twiki variables in urls where there are other twiki variables that can't be expanded
8779 Bugs:Item1530: support for templatetopic when editing new topics
8592 Bugs:Item1532: WysiwygPlugin: Added two more do-not-edit-if-topic-contains parameters, pre+comments
8590 Bugs:Item1532: WysiwygPlugin: Kenneths suggestion on proper handling of HTML comments (incl. change to kupu)
8572 Bugs:Item1529: evil, evil. The XMLSerializer in IE isn't happy serializing the DOM. I have no idea why. Kupu manages to get away with this because it passes the DOM through the XML validator, which I had to disable because it strips comments. So, for now, the IE implementation will strip comments - but at least you can save again
8538 Bugs:Item1501: table handling was a bit spazzy. Several problems fixed.
8535 Bugs:Item1518: moved icon and string lists into topics, updated screenshot
8531 Bugs:Item1392: reversed the sense of the navigate-away condition, again
8466 Bugs:Item1486: added WYSIWYG_EXCLUDE to allow exclusion of 'uneditable' content
8463 Bugs:Item1486: was stripping comments, wrongly. Had to disable the kupu filters completely, they just do too much damage.
8401 Bugs:Item1457: corrected problem with bullet list at top of topic
8388 Bugs:Item1445: fix for a javascript error, introduced by previous fix
8387 Bugs:Item1445: small usability improvements
8334 Bugs:Item663: TWiki.org doc merge: Fix incorrect link to kupu website
8327 Bugs:Item1411: handle case of the result of a TWiki variable being nopped
8312 Bugs:Item1317: wrong result returned from generation function when expanding HTML embedded in verbatim block
8301 Bugs:Item1397: removed excess space after sqaub links
8300 Bugs:Item1231: added %SPAN% to indicate a spanned-over cell in the editor. Improved handling of HTML in verbatim tags by inserting line breaks is the tag type calls for it, before removing the HTML.
8276 Bugs:Item1215: added WYSIWYG_ICONS and WYSIWYG_TAGS to support user customisation of icon images and twiki variables that can be inserted
8274 Bugs:Item1314: debugging in case the hang happens again; and made sure to default the editor just in case
8273 Bugs:Item1315: short forms must be terminated by one of the same characters that terminate wikiwords
8272 Bugs:Item1391: added special interpretation of IMG tags to expand selected TWiki variables within SRC attributes
8271 Bugs:Item1340: refined handling of NOP to cover abbrevs
8270 Bugs:Item1311: removed excess space inserted in headings
8269 Bugs:Item1339: changed from using arbitrary attribute for notoc to a new CSS class. Arbitrary attributes are stripped by Kupu before save.
8268 Bugs:Item1344: strip ^Ms inserted by Sarissa during serialisation on IE
8267 Bugs:Item1394: still can't get text styles to work properly in IE; but I am now firmly of the opinion that the fault lies with the browser, and not with Kupu.
8232 Bugs:Item1341: added appropriate CSS class
8152 Bugs:Item1313: added caveat about editing complex HTML and mixed HTML-TML
8151 Bugs:Item1334: headers not handled properly in Cairo version
8108 Bugs:Item1318: corrected table/list parser for tables embedded in bulleted lists
8106 Bugs:Item1310: support for <nop/>
8105 Bugs:Item1317: support for limited case of nopped variable
8104 Bugs:Item1320: corrected interpretation of relative URL path in [[]]
8091 Bugs:Item1259: changed comment handling; rather than trying to create HTML, which gets munged, create an HTML comment. This will only be editable by switching to source view, but hey, it's supposed to be WYSIWYG. Note that this also means that comments in pasted HTML should be retained now
8063 Bugs:Item1042: spec of SCRIPTURL changed
7904 Bugs:Item1189: reverting accidental checkin of experimental code
7903 Bugs:Item1189: filter whitelist is not good enough; need to generate B and I nodes. templates/ pub/TWiki/WysiwygPlugin
7902 Bugs:Item1189: it took bloody ages to track down, but finally discovered that bold and italic were being filtered out of spans by Kupu 1.3.2.... too smart for it's own good. So added them to the filter whitelist, and it works again.
7873 Bugs:Item1189: added pre save filter to try and find where the attributes are disappearing to in FF
7872 Bugs:Item1187: for lack of an s on an RE, the nation was lost (well, the multi-line comment actually). Thanks Kenneth!
7871 Bugs:Item859: solved issue with non-display of inserted images. Was due to the use of an onSubmit handler to close the dialog, rather than an onLoad handler triggered when the IFRAME that contains the result is loaded.
7869 Bugs:Item1172: had to rewrite big chunk of the table popup to get it working with 1.3.2
7858 Bugs:Item1151: rewrote link handlings stuff to leverage browser better
7854 Bugs:Item1175: escape wikiwords within squabs
7815 Bugs:Item1158: works for Cairo now as well
7814 Bugs:Item1158: first implementation of AJAX interface to allow selectoin of topics from other webs
7812 Bugs:Item1154: removed non-existent scull.gif
7811 Bugs:Item1155: added extra recursion block, as Item1155 suggests it is needed
7801 Bugs:Item1042: All sorts of clever tricks to handle expansion/compression of a subset of TWiki variables when they are used in URLs. Not a complete solution, but better than it was.
7799 Bugs:Item1024: caught out by recursive call to beforeCommonTagsHandler in Cairo (nasty)
7798 Bugs:Item1042: whoops, broke \t conversion in Cairo
7789 Bugs:Item1140: testcase for 1140
7788 Bugs:Item1140: fix rewriting of img src urls (and updated MANIFEST for Kupu1.3.2)
7786 Bugs:Item1042: extensive improvements to variable and URL recognition and conversion
7766 Bugs:Item856: added doc on EDIT_SKIN to the plugin
7712 Bugs:Item1074: upgrade to Kupu 1.3.2 complete (at last)
7710 Bugs:Item1074: Fixed source edit mode
7709 Bugs:Item1074: tidied up broken toolbar. There are still known issues
7700 Bugs:Item1074: first pass at moving to Kupu 1.3.2.
7673 Bugs:Item1037: insert wikiword only if selection is zero length
7672 Bugs:Item977: changed to remove dangerous Cairo-based assumption, and use context ids instead
7630 Bugs:Item1025: added 'escape clause' for old handlers implemented to support old TWiki releases without warnings
7506 Bugs:Item941: Eliminated the last of the dynamic globals to try and solve saving problem. Can;t test with mod_perl, but is fine with speedycgi AFAICT
7456 Bugs:Item873: minor issue; replace br with \n in pre
7455 Bugs:Item873: obvious problem parsing closing pre tag on same line as open tag
7453 Bugs:Item710: Handling HTML comments
7452 Bugs:Item876: Item945: Item876: spacing around table cells, correct handling of variables. Had to compromise on handling [[]] but I think it's for the best.
7430 Bugs:Item871: made sure that brackets are generated for non-wikiwords
7425 Bugs:Item928: removed special interpretation of mailto links
7424 Bugs:Item866: extended URL parsing to handle MAINWEB and TWIKIWEB twiki variables, in the same hacky way as the core.
7416 Bugs:Item870: a couple of corner-cases for correct handling of twiki variables
7401 Bugs:Item899: changed list generation to use spaces instead of tabs
7265 Bugs:Item180: removed pointless, outdated dependency check from DateFieldPlugin?
6935 Bugs:Item622: reverted 3 specs to tabs in Set lines in plugins topics for kompatterbility with Kigh-roe
6905 Bugs:Item622: tabs -> 3 spacesto avoid confusing the users
6850 Bugs:Item638: added instruction to run configure to all install docs (I hope)
6827 Bugs:Item569: added default RELEASE to everything that had a version, and removed a load of dead code that was getting in the way
6758 Bugs:Item569: computed version numbers for plugins from the repository rev they were built from.
6504 Bugs:Item436: incremented vernos of all changed plugins
6485 Bugs:Item429: trying to make access controls clearer
6401 Bugs:Item340: re-initialisation bug found by ColasNahaboo? when using mod_perl; fixed by correctly re-initialising the parse stack for each run of the convertor
6284 Bugs:Item340: Release 0.16 of WysiwygPlugin
6279 Bugs:Item340: bugfixes for release 0.16 of WysiwygPlugin
6261 Bugs:Item335: Switched PNGs to indexed mode, as transparency doesn't work on IE for RGB images
6238 Bugs:Item332: Added context identifier to WysiwygPlugin, and a button to the pattern view template. If WysiwygPlugin is enabled, then the button will appear. Neat, huh?
6195 Bugs:Item196: getting plugin test suites to pass. Doesn't mean the plugins actually work, just that the test suites run (which is a good indicator)
6174 Bugs:Item168: checkpoint checking for 0.16
6151 Bugs:Item186: more minor updates
6150 Bugs:Item168: new icons, and a couple of bugfixes, to WysiwygPlugin
6092 Bugs:Item196: more plugin and contrib fixes for develop; mainly just moving tests around and making sure they all pass.
6067 Bugs:Item138: had to change to using beforeCommonTagsHandler and also escape % signs to prevent TWiki from rendering internal tags (as reported by Colas)
5979 Bugs:Item168: corrected stupid error on IE; added screenshot
5977 Bugs:Item168: release 0.13
5948 Bugs:Item168: nearly ready for 0.13
5937 Bugs:Item168: corrected images, twikified all images
5936 Bugs:Item168: the import from cvs has screwed images
5934 Bugs:Item168: twikified icon images, and renamed some images to be more intention-revealing
5739 0.12 beta release
5730 V0.11
5714 Tidied up installer, documentation. Release 0.10
5712 pre-release 0.06
5706 Version 0.05
5705 Checkpoint checking - version 0.03
5702 cvsrmtee old files
5701 Check in for prototype release
5700 Check in for prototype release
5699 Checkpoint
5698 Most of the toolboxes are working again
5693 Initial commit; doesn't do much except run tests
HTML::Parser>=3.28Required. Available from CPAN.
HTML::Entities>=1.25Required. Available from CPAN.
Plugin Home: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/WysiwygPlugin
Feedback: TWiki:Plugins/WysiwygPluginDev
Appraisal: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/WysiwygPluginAppraisal

Related Topics: TWikiPreferences, TWikiPlugins

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